Lady Python Hunter Nabs 17-Footer, Turns It Into Handbag

Wildlife officials and contractors like Amy Siewe have removed 5,000 Burmese pythons from the Everglades. The nonnative species can grow up to 23-feet long and preys on native birds, reptiles, and mammals.

PLUS: 4 ways to catch a python in 3.5 mins | 

July 29, 2020 |

Fox35, Orlando – Amy Siewe has earned her bragging rights after catching a 17-foot 3-inches and weighed, 100 pounds python on the side of US-41 in Collier County.

Siewe has caught close 100 pythons during her career. She’s one of only 4 female hunters with the South Florida Water Management District elimination program.

Siewe said:

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“It’s more about passion and the reason for hunting the pythons. I have always had a fascination with snakes and reptiles. It was always a hobby until now.

“I can use my skills and knowledge to be part of the solution to restore the balance of nature in the Everglades so the native reptiles and mammals can survive and thrive.”

Siewe has partnered with Bswanky, a company that designs and manufactures luxury handbags, to create handbags made of the python skin … Read more. 

4 ways to catch a python in 3.5 mins

Amy Siewe, YouTube – Catching a wild Burmese Python in South Florida is quite easy if you know a few simple techniques.

In most places, you have to capture the snake alive.

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There are a few tricks that I didn’t know prior to coming to Florida and are very helpful to handle a big python safely.

If you are coming to Florida to catch pythons and don’t know where to start, message me and I can help. Happy hunting! VIDEO; 4 ways to catch a python in 3.5 mins


Youtube: Amy’s Snake Adventures


What It’s Like To Be A Pro Python Hunter

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