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Sharing your views on our content with our hundreds of thousands of readers in civil discourse.


Posts with any of the following will be DELETED and may result in a PERMANENT BAN:

  • Namecalling, personal attacks, vulgarity 
  • Encouraging or promoting criminal activity
  • Threats of personal harm or hoaxes that may cause personal harm 
  • Complaints about moderation
  • Commercial posts and links to other websites
  • Information or speculation on another person’s physical or mental health
  • Anyone’s email, phone number, address, or other personally identifiable information
  • ALL CAPS, misspelling to avoid filters, non-English content
  • Anything else that deviates from civil discourse
  • Any of the above where poster was ‘just kidding’

If you don’t like someone else’s opinion, post your own and/or down-vote their opinion. Merely posting that you don’t like someone’s opinion contributes nothing and is considered off-topic. 

If you see a post that violates any part this policy, please flag it as inappropriate by clicking the flag icon. 

If your post has been removed or you have been blocked, please re-read the policy. We do not reply to emails asking ‘why was my post removed’ or ‘why have I been blocked.’


Q. Why won’t my comment post? 

A. There are several reasons, it’s typically one of these:

  • You are new to the site and Disqus has marked you as a Guest; we require moderator review of all Guest comments.
  • Your comment contains a word or phrase often associated with violations of our comments policy and is awaiting moderator review.
  • Your Disqus account is associated with prior comment policy violations and has been marked for moderator review.

Q. Why was my post taken down? 

A. There are three ways posts that previously appeared on the site get taken down:

  • Your post was flagged by other users for offensive or prohibited content and is awaiting moderator review.
  • Since posting, your Disqus handle was canceled by Disqus for violating their policies.
  • Your post was removed by the moderator for prohibited content. Egregious violations may result in a permanent ban.

Q. What about my right to free speech? 

A. Just as a newspaper is under no obligation to print every letter to the editor, no private site is obligated to post every comment submitted. See “First Amendment” note below.


The above constitutes our entire Comment Policy. Based on queries we’ve received, we’ve added these notes.

  • First Amendment – This like most social media platforms is a private website. What we invite you to post here is your opinion on our content. If you post your opinion plus vulgarity, your opinion plus namecalling, your opinion plus hoaxes, or your opinion plus threats of harm, it is VERY LIKELY that your entire post including your opinion will be deleted. Please do not follow up with another post complaining that your opinion was “censored,” that your First Amendment rights were violated, or that this site only allows opinions it agrees with. 
  • Unpopular opinions – As an opinion forum, our comments area tends to attract opinionated people. If you are easily offended by opinions you do not agree with, you may not like it here. If you see an opinion you do not agree with, you are welcome to post your contrary opinion. What you are not welcome to do is post a personal attack against the other person. You may criticize the other person’s opinion if you insist, but if the moderator decides it goes too far, your entire post may be removed; this includes posts where we agree with you and disagree with the person you are replying to. 
  • Complaints about moderation – We have fully explained our comments policy, put a link to it on every page, and put a reminder to read it above the comments area on every page. We do not reply to inquiries about why posts were removed or users were blocked.