Ski Jumping: “One Of The Most Eating-Disorder Plagued Sports”

Ski jumpers tend to be tall and slender, taking advantage of their height to have longer skis and lighter weight to help in the battle against gravity. They're not the only athletes that face pressure to watch their weight, joining gymnasts, wrestlers and jockeys to name just a few.

Skier Falls Into Active Volcano, Insists She’s Fine

Fox News – Caroline Sundbaum, 35, says she suffered a dislocated shoulder but otherwise "feels fine" and is on the mend after slipping off a snow-covered fumarole –  a vent that emits volcanic steam and gases but that can be concealed by weather conditions. "The sensation was like someone pulling a chair out from underneath you," Sundbaum said on ABC News' "Good Morning America" Monday, three days after the incident occurred. She told the show that a...

New Yorker Insists Covid Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Him

"I became uncharacteristically motivated." The Guardian – It started with an alert on my iPhone. In late June, a notification from the Health App popped up intrusively on my lockscreen. This year, you’re walking less on average than you did in 2019. This felt personal. It wasn’t another news alert about politics, or people denying the medical reality of Covid-19. This was my phone, the one I’d paid too much money for and kept cradled close to...

One-Armed Golfer Amazes [VIDEO]

Teen gets attention of golf legends with one-armed swing | She has two arms, but only needs one to make a great tee shot |  Golf Digest – Nick Faldo was perusing Twitter while relaxing on the beach in Florida earlier this week when he noticed that someone tagged him in a video that showed a teenage girl hitting a golf ball one-handed as her left arm rested by her side. The thought was that perhaps...

Is It OK to Take a Walk?

March 20, 2020 The New York Times – In a bygone era — last week, in other words — the best way to cut through New York City stress was, for many, a stroll to the nearest restaurant, bar or maybe (for the virtuous or vain) the gym. Not anymore. With Mayor de Blasio’s closure of the city’s restaurants (except for takeout), bars and gyms, which took effect this morning at 9 a.m., along with schools,...
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