Thirsty Woman Coughs On $35K Worth Of Food in COVID-19 ‘Prank’

“I have the virus. Now everyone is going to get sick.”  – attributed to Margaret Cirko, 35, accused of coughing on groceries, stealing beer  | Mar 27, 2020 CNN – A woman purposely coughed on $35,000 worth of food at a Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania area grocery store, police said. She likely faces criminal charges for coughing, one of the primary ways the novel coronavirus spreads. The woman entered small grocery chain Gerrity's Supermarket in Hanover Township and started coughing...

Foods That Cause Mental Disorders

Jan 24, 2020 Psychology Today – If there’s one concept health researchers have come to agree on it’s this: What you eat matters. Although they don’t always agree on what constitutes a healthy diet, medical experts have long understood that while certain foods can help to improve your physical well-being, others have the opposite effect. Now, a new collection of evidence clearly demonstrates that what you eat also affects your mental health. A review article published last month...


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