Fear the deer: Crash data illuminates America’s deadliest animal

 The Washington Post – Behold the deer, the deadliest beast in North America. Deer are responsible for the deaths of about 440 of the estimated 458 Americans killed in physical confrontations with wildlife in an average year, according to Utah State University biologist Mike Conover, employing some educated guesswork in the latest edition of "Human-Wildlife Interactions." Those deer-inflicted fatalities are not, so far as we know, caused by deer-on-human predation. They're the unfortunate result of more...

Rare tapeworm found in New Hampshire moose hunters

WMUR – A rare tapeworm that had never been found in a person in New Hampshire has now been found in two moose hunters. The state's Health and Human Services Department is alerting health care workers in the state of the parasite. Officials said humans are at low risk of contracting the parasite, but if a dog comes in contact with raw game, such as moose, the risk for a person to get it rises, which...

New Jersey may revive black bear hunts amid increased safety concerns


Hunting safety should include heart attack and stroke awareness  

DALLAS, Oct. 27, 2022 — The crisp fall air is a welcome signal for the beginning of hunting seasons across the country, and while gun safety is an important part of any hunting season, the American Heart Association says heart attacks may be one of the biggest dangers many hunters face. According to Gustavo E. Flores, M.D., a member of the American Heart Association’s Emergency Cardiovascular Care committee and chairman and chief instructor for Emergency...

Meet the women hunting giant pythons ‘eating everything’ in the Everglades

KENDALL, Fla. — Donna Kalil loves snakes. She’s been fascinated by them since she was a kid living in the mountains of Venezuela’s capital in the 1960s, where her father was stationed as an Air Force pilot. “We’d play ‘I spy,’ and we’d use the snakes, birds and other animals that lived in the jungle,” she said. “I developed a really sharp eye.” Now she kills them. Not all snakes. Just Burmese pythons. They’ve become a scourge...

Another China Virus Threatens Hunting Season in US

News release: DNR asks waterfowl hunters to take precautions for avian flu

Tick Bite Kills Georgia Man

A Lone Star tick bite has reportedly led to the death of a Georgia man. CDC photo SHARE

“Rattlesnake Roundup” Rattles Animal Rights Activists

Activists say that a huge rattlesnake roundup this weekend in Texas is barbaric.

New Tech Could Doom Invasive Pythons

Researchers at the University of Central Florida have published a first-of-its-kind study that shows that near-infrared (NIR) spectrum cameras can help hunters more effectively track down these invasive snakes, especially at night.

Deer Hunters Urged To “Stay COVID-19 Safe”

Nov 19, 2020 Appleton Post-Crescent – Wisconsin public health and natural resources leaders are pleading with deer hunters to avoid traditional gatherings during the gun season that starts Saturday to prevent an even greater surge of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths. But without any actual restrictions in place beyond a statewide mask mandate, it will be up to individual hunters to decide whether to listen to that advice. The Department of Natural Resources won't have extra staff...

Hunting Licenses Soar As Virus-Weary Americans Seek Normalcy

Nov 17, 2020 TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — Hunting was a big part of Zane Goucher's youth, when he pursued whitetail deer and ruffed grouse in the Maine woods with his father. He eventually drifted away from the sport but has returned after a 22-year absence, inspired by the coronavirus outbreak. Many Americans appear to be doing likewise, as sales of hunting and fishing licenses are spiking in much of the U.S. Weary of being cooped...

Florida Fisherman Harpoons 1,008-Pounder

Oct 31, 2020 CNN – For three years Corey Capps had been dreaming of catching the massive beast in the river behind his home in Blountstown, Florida. Now he can say he's done it. Capps told CNN he and his wife were taking a boat ride on the Apalachicola River when they spotted the alligator laying up on the bank. He called his friend Rodney Smith, who had state-issued gator tags that allowed them to legally go after...

FL Man Lands State Record Catfish

Fisherman shatters state's blue catfish record | PLUS: Is wild-caught catfish safe to eat? Fox News – It's no easy feat to wrangle an 111-pound fish. A Florida man set a new state record in Georgia after reeling in a massive Blue Catfish on the Chattahoochee River. The fish officially weighed in at 110 lbs., 6 oz. and measured out to 58-inches long and had a 42-inch girth. The Georgia Wildlife Resources Division announced the new record on its Facebook...

Lady Python Hunter Nabs 17-Footer, Turns It Into Handbag

PLUS: 4 ways to catch a python in 3.5 mins |  July 29, 2020 | Fox35, Orlando – Amy Siewe has earned her bragging rights after catching a 17-foot 3-inches and weighed, 100 pounds python on the side of US-41 in Collier County. Siewe has caught close 100 pythons during her career. She's one of only 4 female hunters with the South Florida Water Management District elimination program. Siewe said: "It's more about passion and the reason for hunting...
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