CVS, Walgreens Have Wasted More Vaccine Doses Than Most States Combined

KAISER HEALTH NEWS – Two national pharmacy chains that the federal government entrusted to inoculate people against Covid-19 account for the lion’s share of wasted vaccine doses, according to government data obtained by KHN. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recorded 182,874 wasted doses as of late March, three months into the country’s effort to vaccinate the masses against the coronavirus. Of those, CVS was responsible for nearly half, and Walgreens for 21%, or...

No Shot, No Paycheck?

“We want to create an environment where you feel comfortable and it’s like it used to be at the office. We can only do that if everybody’s vaccinated.”

Covid Surges In World’s Most Vaccinated Nation

“Despite of all the exceptional efforts we are making, the Covid-19 situation in our country is critical right now with many daily cases reported last week.”

Governor Booed By Covid-Weary Derby Crowd

The governor of Kentucky was met by a chorus of boos from a largely home-state crowd as he attempted to give a speech before presenting the trophy to the owner of the winning horse, "Medina Spirit."

Biden Using Pandemic To Permanently Expand Government Power

OPINION | REASON – President Joe Biden isn't letting a crisis go to waste. His administration is using the pandemic as an excuse to push a list of preexisting Democratic policy priorities, few of which have much to do with COVID-19, and some of which were initially pitched as temporary measures. But in last night's address to a joint Congress, Biden made clear that he wants to extend some these policies, turning COVID-era emergency measures into...

Kamala Harris Joke Spawns Divisive Lecture By Senate Chaplain

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma senators walked out of a Thursday morning sermon on the Senate floor, after the chaplain spoke out against recent comments made by Senator Nathan Dahm about Vice President Kamala Harris. The Rev. Dr. Lee E. Cooper Jr. said during his message on the Senate floor: “Everyone who heard it should have deemed it wrong, Senator Dahm. You don’t have to take it back. It’s still sexist.” Cooper used his platform on the...

The CDC’s “Reign Of Error”

OPINION | THE NEW YORK POST – For 14 months, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended draconian restrictions on Americans’ daily lives to combat the spread of COVID-19. The CDC disregarded the psychological hardships and economic losses the restrictions inflicted. Now the evidence is emerging that the restrictions were based on flimsy science or sheer guesswork. Last week, MIT researchers showed that the CDC’s 6-foot social-distancing rule has no basis in science....

What Biden’s New Mask Rule Actually Says

THE HILL – New guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says it is safe for people who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to be outside without a mask, but only in small groups. The guidance, which CDC Director Rochelle Walensky outlined during a White House press conference Tuesday, builds on previous updates from the agency about the activities people can feel comfortable with once fully vaccinated. Walensky said: "Today is another...

“Scamdemic” Law Criminalizes Covid Hoaxes, Rip-Offs

FLORIDA POLITICS – The state’s fraud laws are likely about to get an update. All Senators supported a measure to make certain pandemic scams chargeable offenses Tuesday. The House already passed the bill, meaning it’s now ready for Gov. Ron DeSantis‘ signature. Officials at all levels have been warning people about scams promising vaccines or PPE in exchange for money, Land O’ Lakes Rep. Ardian Zika said. Sen. Aaron Bean said, “This bill criminalizes using pandemic for fraud...

DeSantis Extends Florida’s COVID-19 Emergency Order

12:38 PM EDT Apr 27, 2021 WESH2 – Gov. Ron DeSantis has extended the “State of Emergency” in Florida due to the coronavirus pandemic. The state of emergency has broadened the governor’s powers to respond to the pandemic, allowing him to activate the state’s emergency operations center and deploy National Guard troops if necessary. On Tuesday afternoon, the governor’s office said the order had been extended for another 60 days ... source.  EARLIER: Florida Awaits DeSantis Announcement On Extending Lockdown FLORIDA...

Social Distancing Rules “Just Not Reasonable”: MIT

“We argue there really isn’t much of a benefit to the 6-foot rule, especially when people are wearing masks. It really has no physical basis ... "

Cuomo Cites Privacy In Withholding Nursing Home Report

Releasing the documents would “constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy,” the governor’s records access officer, Jaclyn Clemmer, wrote in a letter dated April 15.

GOP Sen.: Stop “Pushing Vaccines”

Sen. Ron Johnson questioned the need for widespread COVID-19 vaccinations, saying in a radio interview "what do you care if your neighbor has one or not?"

Harvard Doctor Says Virus Is Being Spread By Conservatives

KAISER HEALTH NEWS – When Kathryn Watkins goes shopping these days, she doesn’t bring her three young children. There are just too many people not wearing masks in her southern Michigan town of Hillsdale. At some stores, “not even the employees are wearing them anymore,” said Watkins, who estimates about 30% of shoppers wear masks, down from around 70% earlier in the pandemic. “There’s a complete disregard for the very real fact that they could...


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