Spinach and spinach products recalled after testing finds Listeria monocytogenes contamination

FOOD SAFETY RECALL – Solata Foods LLC of Newburgh, NY, is recalling its “Fresh Spinach” listed below because it may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. The brands listed in the recall include Solata, Gaia, Full Circle, Farmer Direct, Uncle Vinny’s, Bogopa and Bulk. The contamination was discovered after sampling by New York State Department of Agriculture and Market Food Inspectors and subsequent analysis by Food Laboratory personnel revealed the presence of Listeria monocytogenes in a...

How extreme heat and humidity affect your health

MAYO CLINIC NEWS NETWORK – Many parts of the U.S. continue to grapple with oppressive heat and humidity. This can prevent the body from cooling down, increasing the risk of heat cramps, exhaustion and heatstroke. Dr. Jesse Bracamonte, a Mayo Clinic family medicine physician, says the extreme heat and high humidity can be a dangerous mix. "High heat and high humidity can place one at risk for serious illness if people aren't careful. The heat...

Gardening Might Actually Help You Sleep Better, So Get Your Green Thumbs Up

SLEEPOPOLIS – Fresh air and physical activity are famed for priming the mind and body for a restful sleep. Combine those features with a pleasurable hobby that encourages stress relief and mental wellbeing, and you’ll have an even greater chance of easily drifting off into a peaceful slumber. One pursuit that encompasses all of the above is gardening, and a new study suggests it’s an effective way to get better sleep. Gardening is a popular and rewarding...

Prevent low back pain with this simple lifestyle change

CNN – Low back pain affects at least 619 million people worldwide, and that number is expected to increase to 843 million people by 2050, according to research estimates. Unfortunately, nearly 70% of people who recover from an episode of low back pain have a recurrence within a year, experts say. In addition to acute physical discomfort and lost time at work, treatment often requires education, physical therapy and exercises such as Pilates that may require...

Vitamin may extend lifespan, new research suggests

NEWSWEEK – Researchers at Japan's Osaka University published a new study examining the relationship between germ cells, aging, and sex, finding that vitamin D extended fishes' lifespan, a result that is likely to translate to other vertebrates including humans. Dr. Tohru Ishitani, a researcher on the study of Nothobranchius furzeri (also known as killifish), told Newsweek in an email that the study found, "Treatment with vitamin D extended the lifespan in both sexes in the...

This common fruit may be the secret to better sleep

AS – If you’re struggling with sleep there are a host of aids and routines designed to assist in getting the rest you need. One possibly surprising place to look for help is… your fruit bowl. And one fruit in particular: cherries. And especially tart cherries, such as those of the Montmorency variety. These tart cherries have been shown to have considerable quantities of melatonin, a hormone in the human body that plays an important role in...

What kind of physical activity will help my brain?

Research shows that cardiovascular health and cognitive health are linked. Aerobic exercise — where you work up a sweat — is one thing you can do to keep your brain healthy.

Mediterranean diet associated with 23% reduction in mortality, study finds

CBS News – The Mediterranean diet has long been regarded as a heart-healthy option, but a new study has found the diet may help lower the risk of death. For the study, published in JAMA Network Open Friday, researchers examined 25,315 women over 25 years, finding a higher adherence to the diet was associated with a 23% reduced risk of all-cause mortality. Decreased risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer mortality were also noted. A Mediterranean diet, patterned...

3 of the worst foods for your teeth and how to prevent damage

CBS NEWS – Candy is not great for your teeth, but it's not the only thing to be mindful of for better oral health. The worst offenders you might not realize? Sugary or acidic drinks: That incudes your favorite sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks and even fruit juices. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Lana Rozenberg called these the "the biggest culprits." Any drink containing a high amount of sugar "sits in between the teeth and it's very bad for...

Introducing peanut butter during infancy can help protect against a peanut allergy later on, new study finds

The new findings are “a great reassurance” that early introduction of peanuts reduce peanut allergies from developing.

Is exercise more effective than medication for depression and anxiety?

Exercising may provide more benefit as a first-line treatment for mental health conditions.

Why Europeans were scared of tomatoes

HISTORY FACTS – There’s a reason why the humble tomato used to be known by the far more sinister moniker of “poison apple”: Europeans feared tomatoes for centuries and believed they were poisonous. As recently as the 18th century, it was thought that aristocrats were falling ill and even dying after eating tomatoes — a misconception stemming from the use of pewter plates, which contained high lead content. The fruit, which is highly acidic, would leach...

Are Ingrown Hairs Preventable?

Q: I get ingrown hairs every time I shave. Can I get rid of them? It’s a common issue: Your freshly shaved, waxed or plucked skin appears smooth and hairless — until pimple-like bumps crop up days later. Ingrown hairs can occur anywhere on the skin, but they typically emerge in places you remove hair, like in the beard, pubic, leg and armpit areas, said Dr. Elizabeth Bahar Houshmand, a dermatologist in Dallas. They typically look like...

Like to bike? Your knees will thank you and you may live longer, too

A large new study shows people who bike have less knee pain and arthritis than those who do not.
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