Vigil planned for Massachusetts teen who died after taking part in One Chip Challenge

WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) — The family of a teenager who died after eating an extremely spicy tortilla chip as part of a social media challenge will gather to remember the promising basketball player at a vigil Friday while they await word from Massachusetts authorities about what caused his death. Harris Wolobah died on Sept. 1 and an autopsy is pending. But the 14-year-old's family blamed the One Chip Challenge, which requires participants to eat the...

Longevity stew: favorite foods of people to live to 100+

Dietary staples of these long-lived men and women include hearty soups filled with beans and herbs, fermented breads like sourdough, and wine.

Instant Regret After Eating At Subway

HEADLINE HEALTH – Improper food storage is a common cause of food poisoning. Recent news reports reveal foods not being held at proper temperatures and numerous customers experiencing vomiting, diarrhea, and other food poisoning symptoms ... Central Florida Subway shut down Garfield Hylton, Orlando Sentinel, August 31, 2023 Subway store #6651 in Daytona Beach Shores shut down on Aug. 24. Inspectors found 12 violations, two of which were a high priority for food held at the wrong...

Teen killed outside McDonald’s over sweet-and-sour sauce obsession

THE WASHINGTON POST – A 16-year-old girl was charged with fatally stabbing another 16-year-old girl outside a McDonald’s on a busy D.C. nightlife corridor this weekend in a fight a police detective said stemmed from an argument about sweet-and-sour sauce, as the city continues its struggle to quell youth violence. Naima Liggon, the slain teen from Waldorf, Md., was the 13th person younger than 18 killed so far this year in Washington, and her accused...

What Happens When You Stop Having Sex

#1 – You Might Feel More Anxious Maybe sex is the last thing on your mind when you’re stressed out. But it might help lower your anxiety. Sex seems to lessen the amount of hormones your body releases in response to stress. And an active sex life can make you happier and healthier, which might also help keep anxiety at bay. #2 – Your Heart May Not Work as Well Research says people who have sex once a...

Federal pot legalization “flies in the face of science”

NEW YORK (AP) — The news lit up the world of weed: U.S. health regulators are suggesting that the federal government loosen restrictions on marijuana. Specifically, the federal Health and Human Services Department has recommended taking marijuana out of a category of drugs deemed to have "no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse." The agency advised moving pot from that "Schedule I" group to the less tightly regulated "Schedule III." So what...

This Small Group of People Are Eating Half of America’s Beef

NEWSWEEK – Half of all the beef consumed in the United States is eaten by just 12 percent of the population, a new study has found. This impacts not only the health of these individuals but also the health of our planet. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Americans ate 30 billion pounds of beef as a nation in the year 2021, equating to nearly 60 pounds per person. However, excessive consumption of beef...

Ulcer Diet: What to Eat and What to Avoid

U.S. News & World Report – Certain foods and drinks can upset your stomach or increase stomach acid production, though there’s not much evidence they can cause or worsen ulcers specifically, says Olivia Vaughn, a registered dietitian at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus. Still, because some food and beverage items can irritate your stomach, pay attention to how your body reacts. Take spicy food, for instance. Dr. Thomas R. Kelley, a family...

White noise to help you sleep? A neurologist explains why people are turning to “sound masking”

CBS NEWS – Can noise help you sleep? It may seem contradictory, but white noise for rest and relaxation is rising in popularity — and experts say there's a good reason. In an interview with CBS News Friday, Dr. Jeffrey Ellenbogen, neurologist and director of The Sound Sleep Project, a research initiative, said white, brown and even pink noise are all examples of "sound masking." "Sound masking is one tool in a large toolbox that you...

Nine signs you have inflammation in your body. Could an anti-inflammatory diet help?

The Conversation – When our body becomes injured or encounters an infection, it activates defence mechanisms to protect itself. It does this by instructing our cells to fight off the invader. This fighting process causes inflammation, which often presents as swelling, redness and pain. In the short-term, inflammation is a sign your body is healing, whether from a grazed knee or a cold. If inflammation persists for a longer time it's called "chronic". That can indicate...

Adherence to a Mediterranean lifestyle associated with lower risk of all-cause and cancer mortality

Study one of few to examine health benefits of Mediterranean diet in a non-Mediterranean context and to assess the health benefits of an overall Mediterranean lifestyle

University of Minnesota-led study links long-term artificial sweetener intake to increased body fat adipose tissue volume

Long-term consumption of aspartame, saccharin and diet beverages were linked to increased fat stores in the abdomen and fat within muscle.

Using Food As Medicine

It’s no secret that diet is a powerful component of overall health and wellness. But what about using food as medicine? Is it possible to eat your way out of a chronic condition?

I Tried Every Steak at Outback Steakhouse & There Was One Clear Winner

EAT THIS, NOT THAT! –  The menu at my local Outback in Brooklyn, N.Y., offers seven different cuts of beef, and the prime rib comes in two different styles, adding up to eight total options. Over the course of three visits, I ordered every single one of them, all cooked to medium rare, because I am neither a sadist nor a savage. Here's the absolute best cut ... Bone-In Ribeye at Outback Steakhouse PER 18-OUNCE SERVING: 910...
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