4 Tips for Eating Healthy at Fast Food Restaurants

HARTFORD HEALTHCARE – It happens to the best of us. You’re trying to eat healthy, when suddenly Wendy’s starts advertising $1 cheeseburgers and Dairy Queen offers free ice cream cones. If you can’t resist the cravings anymore – or if you just don’t have time to put together a balanced meal – this one’s for you. Here are an expert’s top four tips on how to navigate your favorite fast food restaurants, guilt-free. 1. It starts with...

25 Best Meals To Melt Belly Fat

EAT THIS, NOT THAT! – What exactly gives a meal "belly fat-burning" qualities? There are a few key things to consider when deciding on meals that fit your weight loss goals. Ultimately, what matters is what fits into your personal needs, but the following characteristics are a good place to start: High in protein: Eating enough protein at meals ensures that you'll feel full, can improve your metabolism, and can help you burn fat and...

Can a ‘prescription’ for free fruits and vegetables improve health? Study after study say yes.

A growing number of programs in the U.S. give people batches of produce as a way to combat heart problems and obesity-related disease.

Subway® Selects PepsiCo as its Beverage Partner in the U.S.

U.S. Subway restaurants will begin serving PepsiCo beverages in 2025 under a 10-year agreement

Avoid mould and ride a bike: 20 expert tips on how to look after your lungs for life

THE GUARDIAN – We can’t breathe without them, and there are plenty of things that make them work less well. So what can you do to keep your lungs healthy? Pulmonologists weigh in on how to take care of your respiratory system for life. 1. No smoking “The most important thing is not to smoke,” says Philip Barber, a pulmonologist in Manchester. “Lung cancer kills 35,000 people a year in the UK – more than breast, prostate and...

I’m a fitness coach — here are my 3 easy ways to lose weight before summer

NY POST – Jenna Rizzo, a women’s weight loss coach from Georgia, is sharing three “easy steps” to shedding pounds before summer — gamify your activity, follow the “one-scoop rule,” and get at least seven hours of sleep a night. “Over the years, I’ve learned the worst thing that you can do is try to go zero to 100 overnight,” Rizzo said in a popular TikTok last month. Women’s weight loss coach Jenna Rizzo is...

Take it all off for better sleep

THE ALTERANTIVE DAILY – Sleeping in the nude may help you to get better Z’s! A body of research is finding that regulating sleep temperature may bring some relief to people living with insomnia. According to Dr. Cameron Van den Heuvel, a research fellow involved in a 2009 study of body temperature and sleep performed by the University of South Australia’s Centre for Sleep Research: “Temperature regulation is a significant factor in each of the two types...

A Harvard nutritionist and a neuroscientist agree this is the No. 1 food for a healthy brain

CNBC – Across the board, experts agree that eating leafy greens is essential for overall health, especially for your brain. Some of the green leafy vegetables that you can add to your meals are: Kale Spinach Lettuces Cabbage Swiss chard Bok choy Mustard greens 3 reasons experts say a diet rich in leafy greens is good for your brain 1. They're rich in B vitamins Often, conditions like depression and dementia are associated with a vitamin B deficiency,...

4 Ways Your Body Is Telling You to Prioritize Sleep

CNET – We all know the feelings that come with sleeping poorly. But there are a few other signals your body sends when you're sleep deprived. Here are the signs to look out for. Most people know sleep is important, but so many of us continue to get too little of it. Besides making you feel exhausted (and desperate for your morning coffee), failing to get enough shut-eye can have serious effects on your body...

Thousands of US kids are overdosing on melatonin gummies, ER study finds

The candy-like appeal of melatonin products seems evident in the ages of kids rushed to emergency departments.

Dozens injured after ‘technical problem’, passengers ‘flew through cabin’

“Blood was on the ceiling, people [flew] and broke the ceiling of the plane ... ”

Mayo Clinic Minute: Managing respiratory illness at home

Mayo Clinic News Network – The influenza season may have peaked, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it is far from over. If you or a family member has the flu or other respiratory infection, Dr. Tina Ardon, a Mayo Clinic family medicine physician, says there are ways to manage most respiratory infection symptoms at home. Watch: The Mayo Clinic Minute "Most upper respiratory infections can be managed at home," says Dr. Ardon. That can start by...

Daily fibre supplement improves older adults’ brain function in just 12 weeks

King’s College London – A study published recently in Nature Communications by researchers from the School of Life Course & Population Sciences showed that a simple and cheap fibre supplement can improve performance in memory tests associated with early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. First author Dr Mary Ni Lochlainn, from the Department of Twin Research, said: "We are excited to see these changes in just 12 weeks. This holds huge promise for enhancing brain health and...

New review unpacks what we know about junk food and 32 health issues

The new research links junk foods with a higher risk of over 30 different health problems.
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