Kamala’s Vaccine Tour

Kamala Harris will make her first official return to South Carolina on Monday, visiting Greenville to help jump-start the White House’s national COVID-19 vaccination push that has centered particularly on the South where shots lag.

“Should I reschedule my mammogram if I recently received the COVID-19 vaccine?”

“The most important thing patients should understand is that there is no danger of breast cancer associated with the COVID-19 vaccine, and you should plan on getting your vaccines as soon as you are eligible.”

Scores Lose Jobs For Refusing Vaccine

Scores of workers at a Houston hospital system have been suspended and face being fired for refusing the COVID-19 vaccination, a controversial company mandate that has drawn protests and an outcry from those facing termination.USA TODAY – Scores of workers at a Houston hospital system have been suspended and face being fired for refusing the COVID-19 vaccination, a controversial company mandate that has drawn protests and an outcry from those facing termination.

Only “Armageddon” Can Stop Tokyo Olympics Now: Officials

THE GUARDIAN – When the trickle of Olympic athletes arriving in Tokyo turns into a deluge next month, more than 11,000 competitors will find themselves in a “Covid-secure” bubble from which there will be no escape until their Olympic adventure ends, prematurely or with a medal. Some will probably have to sit out the opening and closing ceremonies, while interaction with their peers in the Olympic village will be kept to a minimum, despite the...

Biden’s Plan To Give Free Vaccines To The World

MAWGAN PORTH, England (AP) — One year ago, the U.S. was the deadliest hotspot of the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing the cancellation of the Group of Seven summit it was due to host. Now, the U.S. is emerging as a model for how to successfully recover from more than 15 months of global crisis. For President Joe Biden, who is meeting with leaders of the wealthy G-7 democracies on his first overseas trip since taking office,...

“A Dangerous Phase For Those Unvaccinated” – Mayo Clinic

"For the unvaccinated, they now live in a dangerous phase of the pandemic, where we're seeing circulating variants that are much more transmissible and may cause worse cases of the disease than what happened last year at this time. I think the people who are unvaccinated may not realize that."

Millions Of Unused Vaccine Doses Set To Expire

KAISER HEALTH NEWS – The Biden administration is encouraging states to hold on to hundreds of thousands of soon-to-expire covid vaccine doses from Johnson & Johnson, given the possibility that additional data will show the shots are viable beyond their expiration date at month’s end. Dr. Janet Woodcock, acting commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, told state officials during a White House call Tuesday that they could store expired doses until new data shows...

RFK, Jr. Film Seeks To Keep Blacks Unvaccinated

Anti-Vaccine Film Targeted To Black Americans Spreads False Information

Overcoming Pandemic Procrastination

MAYO CLINIC NEWS NETWORK – Have you noticed that you put things off more during the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, you are not alone. When COVID-19 emerged, people did not have time to adjust to the new lifestyle and process it. As a result of abrupt changes regarding how people live their lives gave rise, COVID-19 paved the way for mental health crisis — increased stress, anxiety and depressed mood — which over time may...

Emails Prove Fauci Lied: GOP

There's no evidence of official wrongdoing, but Republican calls for Fauci's resignation have grown louder.

Biden Rolls Out Global Vaccination Agenda

The White House said it will be sending out its first wave of 25 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines in the coming weeks as the administration looks to speed up efforts to assist countries struggling with a shortage of vaccines.

No Coronavirus Vaccine Is Fully FDA-Approved

HEALTHLINE – There are several COVID-19 vaccines out right now, including one from AstraZeneca. Although it has been approved for use in other countries, it has not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Knowing more about the AstraZeneca vaccine can help you make informed decisions about which vaccine to get if it does get approved for use in the United States. Important information about the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine "The vaccines in use have been...

University Freshman, 19, Hazed To Death

Sam Martinez, 19, was a freshman at Washington State University when he died of alcohol poisoning at a fraternity event. (Family photo)

Fauci Was Warned COVID May Have Been Engineered

NEW YORK POST – Dr. Anthony Fauci was warned that the coronavirus had possibly been “engineered” and appeared to be taking reports about it seriously — at the same time he was publicly downplaying the notion of the virus being created in a lab, according to his emails. Meanwhile, Fauci, America’s top expert in infectious diseases, also got a “personal thank you” for backing the “natural origin” theory from the head of a nonprofit that...


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