Walking faster linked to ‘significantly lower risk’ of developing type 2 diabetes

Walking speed is an important indicator of overall health and a key indicator of functional capacity.

New heart syndrome identifies link among obesity, diabetes and kidney disease

Cardiovascular-kidney-metabolic syndrome affects major organs in the body, including the heart, brain, kidneys and liver, according to the American Heart Association. |

Metformin Use Before Conception Linked To Major Birth Defects

(CNN)Metformin use by men in the three-month period before they conceived a child was linked to a 40% higher risk of birth defects in the offspring, according to a study published Monday in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. Metformin is a first-line drug in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. The research, which was done out of Denmark, used national registries to follow over 1 million births between 1997 and 2016 and compared the risk...

Lou Brock, 81; Diabetes, Cancer

"He was perhaps the happiest Hall of Famer I've ever encountered." Sep 6, 2020 AP, NEW YORK -- Hall of Famer Lou Brock, one of baseball's signature leadoff hitters and base stealers who helped the St. Louis Cardinals win three pennants and two World Series titles in the 1960s -- and who figured prominently in the most infamous trade in Cubs history -- has died. He was 81. Dick Zitzmann, Brock's longtime agent and friend, confirmed Brock's...

Black Lives Matter? All Lives Matter? The Doctor Says ‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’

Foluso Fakorede, M.D. has a family history of diabetes. He opened the Heart Disease & Amputation Prevention Institute in rural Mississippi to make sure that all diabetics, regardless of color or financial ability, have access to quality care. By Foluso Fakorede Aug 21, 2020 Men's Health – I knew I wanted to become a doctor at age five, motivated by seeing the devastating effects of disease in my family. My grandmother died of diabetes at the young age of...

Big Pharma Twists Arms To Keep Insulin Prices High

Josh Wilkerson could not afford his insulin on the high-deductible health plan offered by his employer. He died at 27 after switching to over-the-counter insulin. August 14, 2020 FairWarning – Tennessee state Rep. Jason Hodges wanted to do something about the soaring cost of insulin. He learned that in the United States, the average list price for insulin tripled from 2002 to 2013 and then doubled from 2012 to 2016, forcing some diabetics to spend as...

Diabetics At Risk Due To One Critical Shortage

“We’re all supposed to be staying at home, and I’m out going to 10 different stores.” – Caroline Gregory, diabetes patient As the country disinfects, diabetes patients can’t find this one thing Lauren Weber April 3, 2020 Kaiser Health News – While the masses hunt for toilet paper, Caroline Gregory and other people with diabetes are on a different mission: scouring stores for the rubbing alcohol or alcohol swabs needed to manage their disease. Gregory stopped in Carlie C’s...
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