Coroner calls for change after 89-year-old’s fatal vitamin D overdose

BBC News – Surrey's coroner is calling for change to supplement packaging rules after an 89-year-old's fatal vitamin D overdose. Following the death of David Mitchener, the coroner has written to the Department of Health and Social Care and the Food Standards Agency (FSA). A report said the 89-year-old had been taking vitamin supplements for at least the nine months preceding his death. Before his death, a test showed his vitamin D levels at 380, the maximum level...

Say That Again: Using Hearing Aids Can Be Frustrating for Older Adults, but Necessary

KFF HEALTH NEWS – It was an every-other-day routine, full of frustration. Every time my husband called his father, who was 94 when he died in 2022, he’d wait for his dad to find his hearing aids and put them in before they started talking. Even then, my father-in-law could barely hear what my husband was saying. “What?” he’d ask over and over. Then, there were the problems my father-in-law had replacing the devices’ batteries. And the...

An 83-year-old doctor and triathlete transformed his health in his 40s. He shares his 4 key diet principles.

Joseph Maroon is an 83-year-old practicing neurosurgeon who competes in triathlons.

10 tips for healthy eyes

NEBRASKA MEDICINE – Regular eye care can have a life-changing impact, and taking steps to support your vision now can make a difference. Schedule regular eye exams with an eye doctor. Everyone needs their eyes and vision checked regularly. Comprehensive dilated eye exams help find problems that may not have warning signs and can provide an opportunity for early treatment and prevention. Your eye doctor may be able to detect certain conditions, such as diabetes or...

Do We Simply Not Care About Old People?

KFF HEALTH NEWS – In the last week of 2023 and the first two weeks of 2024 alone, 4,810 people 65 and older lost their lives to covid — a group that would fill more than 10 large airliners — according to data provided by the CDC. But the alarm that would attend plane crashes is notably absent. (During the same period, the flu killed an additional 1,201 seniors, and RSV killed 126.) “It boggles...

Strange vision problems may indicate Alzheimer’s disease

In 94% of cases, people experiencing posterior cortical atrophy went on to develop Alzheimer's disease, researchers found. The remaining 6% developed other dementias such as Lewy body disease or frontotemporal lobar degeneration.

Preparing to Hang Up the Car Keys as We Age

KFF HEALTH NEWS – Lewis Morgenstern has made up his mind. When he turns 65 in four years, he’s going to sign an advance directive for driving. The directive will say that when his children want him to stop getting behind the wheel, Morgenstern will follow their advice. “I recognize that I might not be able to make the best decision about driving at a certain point, and I want to make it clear I trust...

Walk like a penguin: Keeping your winter balance

MAYO CLINIC NEWS NETWORK – When winter storms hit, good balance can prevent falls and injuries — ranging from broken arms, legs or hips to back injuries and concussions. The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control says slips and falls are the leading cause of nonfatal injury across all age groups, except the 10–24 group. One in every 5 falls results in a serious injury, such as head trauma or broken bones. That’s more...

Canada vows to defend its drug supply against Florida importation plan

ARS TECHNICA – Canada issued a warning Monday that it stands ready to defend its prescription drug supply from US importation plans—and also said the plans wouldn't work for the US, anyway. "Bulk importation will not provide an effective solution to the problem of high drug prices in the US," Health Canada said in a statement. The defensive stance comes just days after the US Food and Drug Administration granted Florida authorization to directly import cheaper...

Hearing aids may boost longevity, study finds. But only if used regularly

People who use hearing aids to restore hearing have a 24% lower risk of death, compared to people who don't use hearing aids, a new study finds.

Woman Petitions Health Insurer After Company Approves — Then Rejects — Her Infusions

KFF HEALTH NEWS ORIGINAL STORIES Woman Petitions Health Insurer After Company Approves — Then Rejects — Her Infusions Even people with good insurance aren't guaranteed affordable care, as this KFF Health News follow-up to one patient’s saga shows. (Lauren Sausser, 1/4 ) Doctors Are as Vulnerable to Addiction as Anyone. California Grapples With a Response. The Medical Board of California, which licenses MDs, is developing a program to evaluate, treat, and monitor doctors with alcohol and drug problems. But there...

‘I Am Just Waiting to Die’: Social Security Clawbacks Drive Some Into Homelessness

KFF HEALTH NEWS – More than a year after the federal government first cut off her disability benefits, Denise Woods drives nightly to strip malls, truck stops, and parking lots around Savannah, Georgia, looking for a safe place to sleep in her Chevy. Woods, 51, said she had rented a three-bedroom house she shared with her adult son and grandson until March 2022, when the government terminated her disability payments without notice. According to letters sent...

8 Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

Owning a dog has been shown to improve quality of life, increase social interactions, and improve health.

Bolstering our sense of smell may reduce the risk of dementia

THE GUARDIAN – Whether it is the waft of clove-studded oranges or the crisp fragrance of a fir tree, the festive season is filled with aromas that conjure Christmases past. Now researchers say our sense of smell, and its connection to our memory, could be used to help fight dementia. Our senses can worsen as a result of disease and old age. But while impairment to hearing or vision is quickly apparent, a decline in our...
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