Sanitary Robots Replace Unsanitary Food Workers

Thousands of consumers are sickened every year by fecal bacteria. One way to reduce fecal contamination is to reduce the number of people handling our food – because all it takes to contaminate an entire batch is one worker not washing their hands after using the toilet. Here's news from two American manufacturers about new machine designed to to prevent product contamination ...  TAUNTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Harpak-ULMA today introduces the ULMA FS-400 Flow wrapper, conceived specifically for...

One Subway Ingredient Linked To Fecal Bacteria; 11 Sick

"Anyone who has eaten at Subway restaurants and developed symptoms of E. coli infection should seek medical attention and tell their doctor about their possible exposure to the bacteria." Food Safety News. 1/24/2020 As Headline Health has reported numerous times, Subway's lettuce is a chronic problem ...  Feds again withhold information about E. coli outbreak; restaurant chain implicated By Coral Beach on January 24, 2020 Food Safety News – Federal officials today confirmed another E. coli outbreak that...


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