Is Your Religion Government-Approved?

THE HILL – New mandates could force millions of Americans to get the coronavirus vaccine. But exemptions may be available for those who have a medical condition or a sincerely held religious belief that prevents them from getting vaccinated. In our world of bureaucrats gone wild, what counts as a “sincerely held religious belief” is anything but simple. A recent case, unrelated to the pandemic, illustrates the point. When an Amish community in Minnesota sought...

Fauci’s Monkey Experiment Did Not Work Out As Planned

"By the end of March, the scientists at [the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases] were experimenting with monkeys and reviewing early data from humans showing that booster shots provided a rapid increase in protective antibodies — even against dangerous variants."

Vaccine Mandates Can’t Stop Covid’s Spread

WALL STREET JOURNAL – The Covid-19 pandemic has spurred a remarkable stream of scientific investigation, but that knowledge isn’t translating into better public policy. One example is a zealous pursuit of public mask wearing, a measure that has had, at best, a modest effect on viral transmission. Or take lockdowns, shown by research to increase deaths overall but nonetheless still considered an acceptable solution. This intellectual disconnect now extends to Covid-19 vaccine mandates. The...

Booster Shot Could Be Riskier Than First Rounds; Fauci Pushes Them Anyway

STAT asked experts what the landscape of adverse events might look like following another dose, and they stressed that they were speculating. Because the additional doses haven’t gone into many arms yet, the amount of data is limited, so it’s impossible to forecast what will happen.

Not So Fast: Fauci-Biden Mandates Face Legal Hurdles

Joe Biden / IMAGE: C-SPAN via YouTube (The Center Square, Casey Harper) – President Joe Biden’s controversial vaccine mandate has sparked major pushback and talks of legal challenges, likely setting up a tense court battle that could go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Biden announced the new mandates in a speech Thursday, saying his executive changes will affect 100 million Americans. Notably, his new rules would require all federal employees to get the...

Fauci’s Plan: ‘Many, Many’ More Vaccine Mandates

(CNN) Millions of Americans still need to get vaccinated to slow or stop the spread of Covid-19 and getting the pandemic under control could take "many, many" more vaccine mandates, Dr. Anthony Fauci said. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said if more people aren't persuaded to get vaccinated by messaging from health officials and "trusted political messengers," additional mandates from schools and businesses may be necessary. Fauci told CNN's...

Senator On Do-Not-Fly List Seeks To Be Excused From Duty

Lora Reinbold, a Republican state senator from Alaska, was captured on video in April arguing with employees at Juneau International Airport about mask rules.

Biden’s Desperate COVID Overreach

"On Thursday, Biden announced a series of unilateral actions aimed at increasing the percentage of Americans who are vaccinated. We obviously do not dispute the idea that it would be a good thing if more people were vaccinated, as the shots have proven to be safe and highly effective at nearly eliminating the risk of hospitalization and death from COVID-19. But the issue here is not what outcomes we may prefer, but what authority Biden has as president."

Biden’s Mandate: “If You Break The Rules, Be Prepared To Pay”

"Even as several of his solutions seemed to closely parallel those implemented by his predecessors in the Trump administration, Biden continued to raise the political temperature, likely retrenching the determination of those who refuse to comply with his overreaching policies."

5 Foods Never To Mix With Medications

WEBMD – You may know that some medicines don’t work well together. But what you eat and drink can have an effect on some drugs, too. Before you take a medication for the first time, talk with your doctor or pharmacist to see if there’s anything you should stay away from. Grapefruit This citrus fruit changes the way certain cells in your gut take in and move medication through your body -- it can affect more...

Urgent Action Needed To Keep Chinese Swine Virus Out Of America

FOOD SAFETY NEWS – Since the current African Swine Fever (ASF) panzootic began in the Liaoning province of China in 2018, the United States and Canada have kept the pig virus out of North America. But, in July, USDA’s Foreign Animal Disease Diagnosis Laboratory confirmed ASF in pigs from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean region, only 700 miles from the United States. There’s never been any finding of ASF in the United States...

Fauci Inches Closer To National Vaccine Mandate

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is "completely incorrect" to suggest vaccines are a personal choice with no broad implications, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday.

Why Supremes Let Texas Abortion Law Stand

THE WASHINGTON POST – The Supreme Court’s 5-to-4 refusal to grant a preliminary injunction to prevent operation of Texas’s law banning abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected has unleashed a squall of public debate over abortion law. While that furor won’t calm for months or more, one thing is clear: The court’s majority was legally correct. Courts are not legislatures. They are frequently mistaken by many, including many lawyers, as bodies vested with...

Dems Blamed Trump For COVID Deaths But Now Won’t Blame Biden

NEW YORK POST – Democrats refuse to give President Joe Biden the same criticism over rising COVID-19 cases that they gave to former President Donald Trump. One of the most morally revolting talking points taken up by Democrats in their effort to deflect attention from President Joe Biden’s deadly incompetence in Afghanistan is to minimize the deaths of 13 troops in Kabul, Afghanistan, by pointing out that more people are dying from COVID-19 every day. First...


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