Chinese scientists develop cure for diabetes, insulin patient becomes medicine-free in just 3 months

The new therapy leverages the body's regenerative capabilities, an emerging field known as regenerative medicine.

Hunters Get This Wrong About Serving Wild Game; Entire Family Sickened

Three of one family members were hospitalized, each of whom had consumed the bear meat.

U.S. Lawmakers Condemn New WHO Abortion Guidelines

WASHINGTON, D.C. May 27 (C-Fam) In a letter released on the eve of the World Health Assembly, U.S. Congressmen have condemned the World Health Organization’s abortion guidelines as “extreme” and “reckless.” “This guidance will likely cause severe and irreversible harm not only to U.S. citizens, but also to women and children worldwide,” states the letter addressed to WHO Director-General, Tedros Ghebreyesus. The letter, signed by fifty-five U.S. Senate and House members, criticized the international health agency for promoting...

Biden Leans Into Health Care, Asking Voters To Trust Him Over Trump

KFF Health News – Angling to tap into strong support for the sweeping health law he helped pass 14 years ago, one of President Joe Biden’s latest reelection strategies is to remind voters that former President Donald Trump tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act. “Folks, he’s coming for your health care, and we’re not going to let it happen,” Biden says of Trump in a television and digital ad out this month, part of...

Kabosu, the dog behind the ‘doge’ internet meme, has died

Kabosu, the shiba inu dog whose quizzical expression starred in an array of "doge" internet memes, has died, its owner said Friday.

Reporting Medicare fraud & abuse

MEDICARE.GOV – Medicare fraud and abuse can happen anywhere. It’s important that you protect your Medicare number and other personal information, and check your Medicare claims regularly so you don’t become a victim. What are some examples of Medicare fraud? A provider that bills Medicare for services or supplies they never gave you, like charging you for a visit you never had, or a back brace you never got. A provider that charges Medicare twice for...

Huge $18 million discovery as drug-sniffer dogs approach container of squash

The drug seizure was part of Operation Apollo, a joint operation working to combat fentanyl and illicit synthetic drug smuggling into the United States ...

Scientists Find Way To Make Chocolate Healthier

Newsweek – Good news: scientists might have found a way to make chocolate a bit healthier, a new study reports. Chocolate is made from the cocoa fruit by extracting cocoa mass and cocoa butter but there are actually many ingredients in the cocoa fruit that go unused. Researchers at Swiss university ETH Zurich set out to learn more about how they could fully utilize the fruit's valuable ingredients and how chocolate could become healthier in the...

Exclusive: Senator Urges Biden Administration To Thwart Fraudulent Obamacare Enrollments

KFF Health News – Stronger actions are needed immediately to thwart insurance brokers who fraudulently enroll or switch people in Affordable Care Act coverage, Sen. Ron Wyden, chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, said Monday. “We want the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to hold these brokers criminally responsible for ripping people off this way,” he told KFF Health News. In a sharply worded letter sent to CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, the Oregon Democrat...

The Queen’s wardrobe: the bunion busting heels

Queen Camilla owns 13 pairs of these 'bunion busting' and 'shock resistant' shoes.

Like to bike? Your knees will thank you and you may live longer, too

A large new study shows people who bike have less knee pain and arthritis than those who do not.

Farm Animals Are Hauled All Over the Country. So Are Their Pathogens.

The exact number of chickens, cows and pigs being transported on trucks, ships, planes and trains within the United States is difficult to pinpoint because there is no national system for tracking the movement of livestock.

Jim Otto, legendary Raiders center and Pro Football Hall of Famer, dies at 86

He was the most honored offense lineman in the history of professional football. 

People using popular drugs for weight loss, diabetes are more likely to be diagnosed with stomach paralysis

CNN – Injected medications that treat diabetes and obesity increase the risk of a rare but serious side effect: stomach paralysis, according to new data on the real-world use of the drugs. At least three new studies based on large collections of patient records show that the risk of being diagnosed with stomach paralysis, or gastroparesis, is higher for people who take GLP-1 agonists than for those who don’t. 1 in 8 adults in the US...
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