Supporters of this technology claim it will “solve” several problems with traditional vaccine delivery, including “behavior barriers” like noncompliance.

Weight loss expert’s three easy tips will help you lose belly fat quickly

Losing belly fat can be a struggle for many people, but this expert can help

Horse Sedative Use Among Humans Spreads in Deadly Mixture of ‘Tranq’ and Fentanyl

Tampa Bay Times | TREASURE ISLAND, Fla. — Andrew McClave Jr. loved to lift weights. The 6-foot-4-inch bartender resembled a bodybuilder and once posed for a photo flexing his muscles with former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan. “He was extremely dedicated to it,” said his father, Andrew McClave Sr., “to the point where it was almost like he missed his medication if he didn’t go.” But the hobby took its toll. According to a police report, a...

10 Places You’re Most Likely To Get RSV, According to a Doctor

RSV is extremely contagious and can spread via respiratory droplets when someone who has it sneezes or coughs, according to Yale Medicine. You can also contract it by touching a surface that's been contaminated and then touching your face soon after without properly sanitizing your hands.

New Jersey’s Plastic Bag Ban Backfire, Explained

FOUNDATION FOR ECONIMIC EDUCATION – There’s a famous scene in Seinfeld in which George passes on a TV pilot deal with NBC, only to later accept for less money than originally offered. “In other words, you held out for less money,” Jerry says after George tells him the deal. “You know the basic idea of negotiation, as I understand it, is to get your price to go up.” The scene comes to mind after learning about New Jersey’s recent attempt to save the...

MLB players concerned about uniform’s ‘see-through’ pants ahead of the new season

CNN – Major League Baseball players have been faced with an unusual problem ahead of the new season: a malfunctioning wardrobe. Players and fans have already voiced their concerns about the new jerseys being worn this season, and on Thursday, as spring training games got underway, MLB Players’ Association (MLBPA) executive director Tony Clark also shared concerns about the pants. “A lot of the rhetoric is confirmation that the pants are see-through,” said Clark, according to...

Lawsuits Claim South Carolina Kids Underwent Unnecessary Genital Exams During Abuse Investigations

KFF HEALTH NEWS – CAMDEN, S.C. — Three ongoing federal lawsuits filed in South Carolina accuse the state of forcing boys and girls to undergo traumatic genital exams during child abuse investigations, even when no allegations of sexual abuse have been raised. One 14-year-old plaintiff — who goes by “Jane Doe” to protect her privacy — was placed into foster care in 2021 after she disclosed to a social services caseworker that her mother had...

US-Mexico border: 100 billion gallons of toxic sewage creating a ‘public health crisis’

Exposure to the contaminants, viruses and bacteria can impact the health of Americans who live and work nearby, which include children, seniors, lifeguards, military personnel, border patrol officers and at-risk populations.

New Evidence: The Link Between Stress Levels and Obesity in the US

Healthnews – In the analysis of data from all 50 states in 2023, the Healthnews team found a significant correlation — regions with higher stress levels tend to have elevated obesity rates. This indicates a close connection between stress and health, impacting both mental and physical well-being. Based on the collected statistics, West Virginia has the highest obesity rate at 40.60%, alongside a notably high stress level score of 57.58. This trend is closely followed...

Mourning a Transgender Activist at a Cathedral That Once Drew Protests

St. Patrick’s Cathedral was the site of protests over the church’s position on homosexuality and AIDS. On Thursday, it hosted a jubilant funeral for Cecilia Gentili, a former sex worker and actress.

Tai chi reduces blood pressure better than aerobic exercise, study finds

Tai chi has many health benefits. It improves flexibility, reduces stress and can help lower blood pressure.

Florida men convicted in Illinois for telemarketing health insurance scheme

More than 1,400 policies were sold to victims in all 38 counties in the Southern District of Illinois, prosecutors said.

Justice Department Reports 187 Federal Prisoners Died By Suicide Over 8 Years

NPR: DOJ Watchdog Finds 187 Inmate Suicides In Federal Prisons Over 8-Year Period Over an eight-year period, 344 inmates in federal prison died from suicide, homicide or accidents, according to a report released Thursday by the Justice Department's inspector general. ... "Today's report identified numerous operational and managerial deficiencies, which created unsafe conditions prior to and at the time of a number of theses deaths," Inspector General Michael Horowitz said. (Lucas, 2/15) On Medicaid and welfare...

Sacred Sex

"The research tells us that American men and women who regularly attend church are significantly happier in their marriages, less likely to end up divorced, and more satisfied with their lives."
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