Fear the deer: Crash data illuminates America’s deadliest animal

 The Washington Post – Behold the deer, the deadliest beast in North America. Deer are responsible for the deaths of about 440 of the estimated 458 Americans killed in physical confrontations with wildlife in an average year, according to Utah State University biologist Mike Conover, employing some educated guesswork in the latest edition of "Human-Wildlife Interactions." Those deer-inflicted fatalities are not, so far as we know, caused by deer-on-human predation. They're the unfortunate result of more...

Meet Spike, officially the world’s oldest living dog

Spike has been officially the world's oldest dog since December 7, 2022. | From Guinness World Records

Doggy ‘daycare’ bus in Alaska goes viral on TikTok

FOX 11 Los Angeles – A family dog-walking team in Alaska is becoming an internet sensation after posting a video of their doggy "daycare" bus: https://youtu.be/2hfe1dn6yOQ?t=50 WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE.  CES 2023: AI smart collar aims to take the guesswork out of your dog’s health with real-time alerts Cotons AI says the collar provides data previously only available in a vet's office By Nikolas Lanum, January 8, 2023 FOXBusiness – Professional-grade veterinary pet biosignals at home could be coming...

Dogs Are Impacted by an Intense Flu Season, Too

The highly contagious virus is airborne and can spread through contaminated surfaces like kennels and leashes.

CNN, Climate Extremists Now Blaming Pets For Climate Change

Blaze News – The latest scapegoat for climate change is your lovable dog and cuddly cat. According to CNN, pets are a negative impact in regards to climate change. CNN gave green advice on how to reduce your pets' "carbon pawprint," including feeding your canine companion "insect-based food" and adopting small rodents instead of dogs. Late last month, CNN published an article titled: "Our pets are part of the climate problem. These tips can help you...

How a furry friend can help your heart, according to Tufts

Tufts Medical Center – You’d be hard pressed these days to find a more popular “employee” at Tufts Medical Center than Bob the Dog. Bob is a service dog who was brought in several months ago by the hospital to work directly with patients to help their stress levels and improve their overall experience. It turns out, they were on to something! Animals are known to improve our mood and help calm us down, but...

Meet the women hunting giant pythons ‘eating everything’ in the Everglades

KENDALL, Fla. — Donna Kalil loves snakes. She’s been fascinated by them since she was a kid living in the mountains of Venezuela’s capital in the 1960s, where her father was stationed as an Air Force pilot. “We’d play ‘I spy,’ and we’d use the snakes, birds and other animals that lived in the jungle,” she said. “I developed a really sharp eye.” Now she kills them. Not all snakes. Just Burmese pythons. They’ve become a scourge...

Florida woman fined $500 after bringing stray dog to ‘wrong’ shelter

FOX 35 Orlando – A Mount Dora, Florida woman says she was just trying to do the right thing, bringing a stray dog to the Lake County Animal Shelter. Now, she's being ordered to pay $500 after the county says she put false information on a form. "I saw a stray dog in the middle of the road, picked it up, it was the 4th of July," said the woman. "The last thing I wanted was...

Florida School Shooter Tortured Toads: Neighbor

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — When one of Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz's dogs died after eating a poisonous toad, he began a rampage against the amphibians, a former neighbor testified Wednesday, adding that Cruz's temper was so volatile he never should have been allowed to own a gun or other weapons. Paul Gold, who lived next door to the Cruz family when the future mass killer was 10 to 12 years old, told jurors...

GRAPHIC: Florida man survives alligator attack caught on camera

TAMPA, Fla. (WFTS) - A Florida man is on the mend after a life-threatening experience in the water. J.C. La Verde was able to fight off an alligator attack, and although he has at least another surgery in the future, he said he’s thankful to be alive. “If you want to see this in any other way than a legit miracle, it’s silly of you,” La Verde said. La Verde's current career as a firefighter and paramedic, as...

People Have Had Enough of Fake “Service Animals”

Video recorded August 14, 2022 (source: Reddit r/PublicFreakout) –  https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/wr3xi2/entitled_woman_with_a_service_dog/ Fake Service Dog Owners Described Perfectly  "They’re perfectly healthy and just want an excuse to bring their pet with them everywhere they go. They ordered a service dog vest online, slapped it on their pooch, and now they’re sitting next to you at a restaurant while their untrained dog begs for your lunch." – HEALTHLINE  'Service' Pit Bull Attacks Security Officer in Public Library; Dog Ordered Euthanized DogsBite...

A woman was killed by an alligator after she reportedly slipped into a pond while gardening

An 88-year-old woman was killed by an alligator after she slipped into a pond while gardening at an adult living community, authorities in South Carolina told CNN and its affiliate WTOC.

Monkeypox can spread to pet dogs, doctors report

NEW YORK (AP) — Health officials are warning people who are infected with monkeypox to stay away from household pets, since the animals could be at risk of catching the virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for months has had the advice in place as monkeypox spreads in the U.S. But it gained new attention after a report from France, published last week in the medical journal Lancet, about an Italian greyhound that...

Escaped Bulldogs Kill Man Out For A Walk

A 59-year old man died Sunday after being mauled by dogs. Selma police officers were dispatched to the 3000 block of Goldridge Street at about 1:00 pm Sunday on reports of a man being attacked by several dogs.
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