What we know about H5N1 bird flu in cows — and the risk to humans

STAT NEWS – The discovery of H5N1 bird flu in U.S. cattle — and the news that at least one person in Texas has been infected, apparently through contact with infected cows — has taken scientists who study influenza by surprise. But after absorbing their shock, several admitted there was evidence to suggest bovine infection could happen — it just hadn’t been reported with this particular strain of influenza virus until now. The situation is evolving....

Milk from sick dairy cattle in 2 states test positive for bird flu: What to know

Bird flu has cost the government roughly $660 million and in recent times raised the price of eggs and poultry. At least 58 million birds were slaughtered last year to limit the spread of the virus.

Bird flu is decimating seal colonies. Scientists don’t know how to stop it

“Once the virus is in wildlife, it spreads like wildfire, as long as there are susceptible animals and species.”

Baby Killed by Family Pitbull While on Trampoline with Mother

DOGSBITE.ORG – A baby is dead after being bitten multiple times by a dog. The attack occurred in the backyard, reports WFSB. The 1-year old child was transported to a hospital in critical condition, where the baby died. Authorities seized two dogs from the residence, but apparently only one dog was involved. According to Catira Delgado, a neighbor familiar with the dogs, both are dalmatian-pit bull crosses ... Family Speaks Out The child's father, Ricky Rohena, told NBC...

Dogs Have Even More Benefits to Humans, Study Finds

NEWSWEEK – Spending time with a dog reduces stress and helps you concentrate, new research has found. Scientists already know that dogs make for great companions and can provide a number of health benefits to their human owners. Dogs have even been involved in therapy sessions to help relieve anxiety. Several studies have looked at feelings of relaxation and hormone changes before and after spending time with their pet. This new research published in Plos One...

Evolutionists struggle for words when asked to explain the development of a firefly’s light-emitting organs

Scientists from Wuhan, China are now experimenting with firefly DNA. Sounds safe, right? – HEADLINE HEALTH

“My newly adopted shelter dog killed someone’s dog today”

"I'm going to need to see a hand surgeon ... "

2023 Fatal Dog Attack Breed Identification Photographs Released

"Pit bulls and their mixes represent 65% of the identification images collected in 2023."

Can Humans Get Heartworms from Dogs?

Heartworms (Dirofilaria immitis ) are a type of parasitic worms that generally affect dogs. They are transmitted through mosquito bites. It’s very rare for a human to contract heartworms. Dirofilaria immitis is a species of parasitic worm better known by pet owners as heartworms. Heartworm larvae can grow into adult worms in your dog’s blood and block major blood vessels. If untreated, your dog may experienceTrusted Source organ conditions that can cause major harm or death. Heartworms...

Petting Wildlife: Good Idea?

"The best thing a concerned citizen can do for any wildlife is leave it wild."

PETA Wants To Stop Using Punxsutawney Phil For Groundhog Day — Here’s Their Proposed Replacement

DO YOU REMEMBER – PETA has ideas for other ways to predict the weather on Groundhog Day Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties ’cause it might be cold out on Groundhog Day. Each year, the eyes of the nation turn to a groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil, tasked with predicting the impending spring, but PETA wishes to relieve Phil of this duty and has proposed a surprising alternative. The tradition of Groundhog Day dates...

Animal shelters are overwhelmed by abandoned dogs. Here’s why.

Man's best friend is increasingly being abandoned on the street, often by people facing financial hardships who can no longer afford to feed or house them.

Could Owning A Cat Make You More Susceptible To Schizophrenia? Study Says Yes

"We found that individuals exposed to cats had approximately twice the odds of developing schizophrenia," wrote the research team.

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Why dogs are good for your health

ANSWER: People with dogs know the benefits of pet ownership. The unconditional love, trust and loyalty shown by your canine companions, coupled with their unbridled enthusiasm on your return home each day, is hard to put into words. There's another plus of having a dog by your side: It improves your overall physical and mental health. Here's how. Dogs get you moving A notable benefit is that dogs force you to get up and move. One research...
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