Actress Who Played Porn Star Complains of Being Stereotyped As A Sex Symbol While Wearing Nipple-Revealing Dress

YAHOO! – Elisha Cuthbert's role as an ex-porn star in 2004's The Girl Next Door solidified her reputation as a sex symbol. Now, nearly two decades later, the actress says society still pressures her to live up to that title. "There was this pressure of, like, maybe the fashion world or whatever saw me as a certain thing when really it was a character," she told Paris Hilton on Monday's episode of her podcast, This...

10 delicious (and surprising) foods that can help spice up your sex life

Eat these 10 things to really get the blood flowing . . . everywhere it needs to go THE MANUAL – Food and sex have long been connected, in both obvious and subtle ways. Many foods just feel sexy, like champagne, strawberries, and chocolate. No one wants their sexual health to, uh, underperform, so let’s take a look at some of the foods that will help keep that from happening. This is how to increase sex...

Breathing Techniques for Stress Relief

Health & Balance / Stress Management / Written by Paige Fowler WEBMD – Take a deep breath in. Now let it out. You may notice a difference in how you feel already. Your breath is a powerful tool to ease stress and make you feel less anxious. Some simple breathing exercises can make a big difference if you make them part of your regular routine. Before you get started, keep these tips in mind: Choose a place to...

What doctors forgot to tell women about COVID vaccines

Physicians failed to warn women about the expected temporary disruptions to their periods after the vaccine, and the more significant issues after a severe bout of COVID-19.

Woman, 23, dies on the operating table during “routine” IVF procedure

INSIDER – A woman died during an IVF procedure from a severe case of a condition called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. OHSS can occur if IVF drugs overstimulate the ovaries, releasing chemicals that make blood vessels leak. According to a report, the unnamed woman was "healthy" before she had the procedure. A 23-year-old woman died on the operating table during a routine in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure after a rare complication caused fluid to build up in her...

Megyn Kelly urges women to sit on public toilets: Don’t ‘squat’

NEW YORK POST – Megyn Kelly endorsed women using public restrooms to pee while also relaying a story about a family friend who demanded to be reseated on an airplane because someone next to her kept passing gas. “There’s a difference between men and women,” Kelly said during her discussion with television host Mike Rowe about public bathrooms on her SiriusXM podcast on Wednesday. “Men can pee standing up,” the host of “The Megyn Kelly Show”...

Ex-UCLA gynecologist found guilty in LA sex abuse case

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A former gynecologist at the University of California, Los Angeles was found guilty Thursday of five counts of sexually abusing female patients, in a criminal case that came after the university system made nearly $700 million in lawsuit payouts. The Los Angeles jury found Dr. James Heaps, a longtime UCLA campus gynecologist, not guilty of seven of the 21 counts and were deadlocked on the remaining charges. "Sexual penetration of an unconscious...

Teen Girls Barred from Locker Room after Complaint over Trans Pervert

After several members of a high school girls volleyball team collectively complained about a transgender pervert using their locker room, the school banished them to changing in bathroom stalls.

Frozen Embryos Linked To 74% Greater Risk of Dangerous Disorder

SCITECH DAILY – Compared to naturally conceived pregnancies, pregnancies conceived with assisted reproductive technology using frozen embryos, may have a 74% higher risk of developing a hypertensive disorder. In comparison, the risk of hypertensive disorders in pregnancies from fresh embryo transfer was similar to naturally conceived pregnancies. High blood pressure during pregnancy may be a sign of preeclampsia, a serious pregnancy complication that may be life-threatening to both the mother and the fetus. According to new research...

Ectopic Pregnancy Hypocrisy, By Christina Francis, MD

In a bout of hypocrisy, abortion supporters falsely claim that women with ectopic pregnancies will be denied care due to abortion restrictions while advocating for dangerous chemical abortion procedures that put women with ectopic pregnancy at risk.

Bladder issues common for women of all ages

MAYO CLINIC NEWS NETWORK – For many women, especially those who have had children, leakage of urine is a common complaint. So, too, is an urgency to use the bathroom. These conditions are among the most common pelvic floor issues affecting women, according to Dr. Olivia Cardenas-Trowers, a Mayo Clinic urogynecologist. Pelvic floor disorders vary, but they are more common than most people might think. "Feeling like their vagina is coming down" "About 1 in 4 women over age...

Arizona man charged after girls found in enclosed trailer

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — A leader of a small polygamous group on the Arizona-Utah line pleaded not guilty Thursday to federal charges of tampering with evidence, weeks after being stopped on a highway with young girls in an enclosed trailer. Samuel Bateman, 46, was indicted earlier this month on three counts of destroying or attempting to destroy records, and tampering with criminal proceedings. He pleaded not guilty in U.S. Magistrate Court in Flagstaff, a mountain...

Rape victims hit with $3,500 in medical bills

According to a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine:  ARS TECHNICA – Seeking emergency medical care in the US after a sexual assault can incur hefty hospital bills that may deter assault reporting and compound victims' trauma. On average, hospital emergency departments charged $3,551 for urgent medical care coded as caused by sexual violence. People who were sexually assaulted while pregnant faced even steeper bills, with an average of $4,553. Uninsured victims or those...

‘We are drowning in despair’: Abortionists respond to post-Roe America

'I'm re-evaluating what my career looks like.' Dr. DeShawn Taylor isn't sure what her job will look like in a week.
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