Meet Kamala Harris’ Stepdaughter

In January, just days after the inauguration, Ella Emhoff was signed as a model with IMG Models Worldwide, per Insider. The company is famous for representing iconic supermodels like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and Ashley Graham.

WHO Boss Admits Slow Response To Sex Abuse Reports

The panel commissioned by the WHO does not include any law enforcement agencies to investigate if any of the reported sexual exploitation was criminal and its reports will be submitted only to the WHO.

Take It Off, Take It ALL Off – Except For The Mask

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - When California stripper Brittney, 26, walked into San Francisco’s reopened Gold Club stripping venue again in April after a year, she was confronted with masked-up dancers and just a clutch of patrons. “My heart just sank. This is just so, so sad,” said Brittney, who asked that her last name not be disclosed to protect her 6-year-old son. An hour of that four-hour shift was spent just waiting for customers and she...

“Alarming” Number Of Deaths From Heart Disease In Women

Despite being responsible for causing 35% of deaths in women each year, cardiovascular disease (CVD) in women remains under-studied, under-recognised, under-diagnosed, and under-treated, with women under-represented in clinical trials.

WHO Sex Abuse Is Now An International Incident

British, European and American diplomats and donors have voiced serious concerns about how the World Health Organization handled sex abuse allegations involving its own staff during an outbreak of Ebola in Congo, as reported this week by The Associated Press and Headline Health.

Is Vaccine Disrupting Women’s Periods?

From heavy flow to even bleeding during menopause - women say they're experiencing different cycles after getting vaccinated.

WHO Covered Up Sex Abuse of African Nurses: Report

A WHO staffer and three Ebola experts working in Congo during the outbreak separately told management about general sex abuse concerns around Diallo, The Associated Press has learned. They said they were told not to take the matter further.

Beauty Of Mastectomy Tattoos Revealed

"I realized I had been avoiding looking at myself in the mirror. I was averting my eyes from my chest and my scar. I didn't realize this was an issue until I stopped doing it. Suddenly I had this beautiful piece of art. I stopped looking away."

Young Adults Rejecting Vaccine Fears

Medscape Medical News – Although vaccination rates against the human papillomavirus (HPV) remain low for young adults across the United States, the number of self-reported HPV vaccinations among women and men between the ages of 18 and 21 years has markedly increased since 2010, according to new research findings. The findings were published online April 27 as a research letter in JAMA. In 2006, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the HPV vaccine for the...

‘Gender Reveal’ Stunts Keep Killing People

Already this year the gender reveal trend has claimed three lives. In February, an expectant father in New York was killed, and his brother seriously injured, when a device they were building for a gender reveal exploded.

FDA Approves Mail-Order Abortions

Women seeking an abortion pill will not be required to visit a doctor's office or clinic during the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. health officials said Tuesday in the latest reversal in an ongoing legal battle over the medication.

HPV Infections Are Plummeting Due to Widespread Vaccination

HealthDay News – Fifteen years of widespread vaccination of U.S. children with the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is reaping big rewards: A more than 80% drop in new infections has been seen in women and girls under the age of 25. That could mean an equally big drop to come in a host of dangerous conditions that are linked to HPV infection, including cancers of the cervix, anogenital area and mouth/throat, as well as anogenital...

‘Racist’ Spa Shooter Is A Known Sex Addict

PLUS: Stigmas on race, gender and sex overlap in Atlanta slayings USA TODAY – Robert Aaron Long, the 21-year-old suspect charged with eight counts of murder after three shootings Tuesday at Atlanta-area spas, had been in rehab for sex addiction and was wracked with guilt about his sexual urges, according to two people who lived with him in transitional housing. Long allegedly shot and killed eight people – six women and two men – at three...

Alcoholic Liver Disease ‘Off The Charts’

NPR SHOTS – For many years, Jessica Duenas led what she calls a double life. She was the first in her immigrant family to go to college. In 2019, she won Kentucky's Teacher of the Year award. That same year, Duenas typically downed nearly a liter of liquor every night. By the time she was 34, she was diagnosed with alcoholic hepatitis, a serious inflammation of her liver that doctors warned could could soon lead...


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