New Urine Test for Prostate Cancer May Help Reduce Unnecessary Biopsies

HEALTHLINE – Researchers have identified 17 unique genetic markers that are overexpressed by high-grade prostate cancers, which can be screened for accurately using a urine test. Experts say the test can help doctors identify serious cancers while also reducing unnecessary biopsies. Prostate cancers are graded according to a Gleason score. Trusted SourceThe higher the grade the more likely the cancer will spread quickly and grow. This new test could potentially help with diagnosing and treating cancer...

Wankers Aweigh! Over 100 Secret Videos of US Troops Masturbating Were Uploaded to Pornhub

'Many of the videos appeared to depict various U.S. military members masturbating in bathroom stalls. The videos appeared to be clandestinely filmed from above...'

Monkeypox: dangerous strain spread through homosexual act

A cluster of mpox cases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo sparks worries of a wider outbreak.

Man who spent 13 years in a coma woke up to tell incredible story

Martin Pistorius spent years of his life locked in a coma.

Doctors in Somalia discover a patient with four kidneys

Despite his rare condition, the boy's kidneys were healthy and functioning normally.

What’s behind Philadelphia’s soaring STI rates?

WHYY News  – STI Awareness Week has put a renewed spotlight on Philadelphia’s status as in the country when it comes to sexually transmitted infection rates. That’s according to a study released earlier this year, based on CDC data comparing the STI rates of 100 cities nationwide. Philadelphia has hovered in the five for several years, ranking fifth in 2023. So what’s behind Philadelphia’s soaring STI rates, and what is the city doing about it? Causes...

Francis Collins: Why I’m going public with my prostate cancer diagnosis

THE WASHINGTON POST – Over my 40 years as a physician-scientist, I’ve had the privilege of advising many patients facing serious medical diagnoses. I’ve seen them go through the excruciating experience of waiting for the results of a critical blood test, biopsy or scan that could dramatically affect their future hopes and dreams. But this time, I was the one lying in the PET scanner as it searched for possible evidence of spread of my aggressive...

Warning Issued Over Prostate Cancer ‘Surge’

The Bulletin – Annual worldwide cases of prostate cancer are projected to double by 2040, according to new research from The Lancet Commission on the disease. Other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in the United States, the American Cancer Society reports. Roughly one in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime, with nearly 300,000 new cases diagnosed each year in the U.S. alone. Your risk of...

China has a big problem with super gonorrhea, study finds

As the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention bluntly notes: "Little now stands between us and untreatable gonorrhea."

If antidepressants are killing your sex life, here’s what you can do

CNN – You’ve started taking an antidepressant, and it’s helping you to finally feel like life is worth living or that you can stop avoiding your friends’ texts. All seems right in the world — until the moment you realize your sex life has taken a hit. More than one in 10 people in the United States take antidepressants, and at least 8.6 million people in England take them. And since the Covid-19 pandemic, the...

Long-term leisure computer use ‘linked to increased erectile dysfunction risk’

Spending a lot of leisure time on the computer was found to be associated with lower levels of a hormone that stimulates the production of sperm.

Man Arrested In Detroit Movie Theater During Kristen Stewart’s Lesbian Bodybuilder Flick

X user @UglyXKorean posted a NSFW photo of a man asleep in a reclining movie theater chair with his penis exposed.

Doug Blevins, Kicking Guru for College and NFL Players, Dies at 60

THE NEW YORK TIMES – Doug Blevins, who successfully coached college and N.F.L. kickers like Adam Vinatieri and Justin Tucker, despite never having played football because he had cerebral palsy, died on Sunday in Johnson City, in east Tennessee. He was 60. His son, Roman, said the cause of death, in a hospital, was complications of esophageal cancer. Doug was fascinated with football from a young age, and increasingly with the nuances of kicking. He watched...

The Urethra Is a Sex Organ; Why This Matters in Incontinence

WEBMED – Rachel S. Rubin, MD: I'm Dr Rachel Rubin, urologist and sexual medicine specialist in the Washington, DC, area. We are coming to you live from the Mayo Clinic Urology Conference in Maui, Hawaii, with the world's leading experts in men's health, sexual health, and quality of life. I'm bringing in Dr Allen Morey from the North Dallas area, one of the world's leading experts in reconstructive urology. He deals with all things urinary...
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