Prostate cancer: screening and treatment options

Mayo Clinic News Network – Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world. While many prostate cancers grow slowly and remain localized, other types are aggressive and spread quickly. That's why Dr. Carlos Vargas, a Mayo Clinic radiation oncologist, encourages regular screening. He says the goal of screening is to detect prostate cancer early, when it's still confined to the prostate gland and has the best chance for successful treatment. "It's important to get adequate screening,...

Death of man thought to be Burma Railway last survivor

Mr Jennings died at a care home in St Marychurch, with his family by his side.

A healthy, 27-year-old father of 3 died of the flu. These were his first symptoms

TODAY – Quenten Thomas, 27, a father of three young kids in Maryville, Tennessee, died last week due to complications of the flu. He was coughing and having trouble breathing, his father, Robert Thomas, told NBC News. This flu season, some doctors have seen more severe flu symptoms than usual in young people, sometimes even if they got their flu shot, NBC News reported. Dr. Dhaval Desai, director of Hospital Medicine at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital in...

A 62-year-old woman whose 2 kids died in accidents won permission to harvest her dead husband’s sperm

BUSINESS INSIDER – A 62-year-old woman was granted permission by a court to remove sperm from her dead husband for potential use in posthumous IVF. Last month the woman made an urgent application to the Supreme Court of Western Australia for the removal and storage of her husband's sperm, a day after he died and while his body was still being stored in a morgue, court documents showed. Her husband was 61 when he died in...

Consumer Health: What does ‘male menopause’ mean?

Mayo Clinic News Network – Hormone changes are a natural part of aging, but the experience is different for men and women. Unlike the more dramatic plunge that occurs in women during menopause, sex hormone changes in men occur gradually. This is sometimes called male menopause. For women, menopause marks the end of their menstrual cycles, whether by naturally declining reproductive hormones, surgical removal of the ovaries, changes caused by chemotherapy or radiation therapy, or a...

Philips CPAP users can now file for piece of proposed $479 million settlement. Here’s how to apply.

CBS NEWS MONEYWATCH – People who have bought, leased or rented certain Philips Respironics sleep apnea machines can now file a claim for restitution. The Dutch medical equipment maker recently agreed to pay at least $479 million to compensate users of 20 different breathing devices and ventilators sold in the United States between 2008 and 2021. Initially recalled two-and-a-half years ago, the Food and Drug Administration has since received 105,000 complaints — including 385 reported deaths...

Seattle student failed quiz for saying men can’t get pregnant

KTTH – An activist history teacher failed a Seattle student on a quiz for saying only women can get pregnant and that only men have penises. A 10th grade Ethnic Studies World History teacher at Chief Sealth International High School in Seattle gave students a quiz titled, “Understanding Gender vs. Sex.” The quiz provided a series of statements to label true or false, or questions with multiple choices. Many of the questions focused on personal pronoun...

Maine man dies while checking thickness of lake ice, wardens say

AP – A man who was checking the thickness of ice on a lake in the Maine wilderness crashed into the icy water and drowned on Friday, game wardens said. Walter Demmons, 62 of Milford, was drilling holes with a friend to check the ice thickness while preparing to fish in Quakish Lake when they heard the ice crack, wardens said. Both men ended up in the frigid water, about 75 yards (66 meters) from shore...

Bad Men’s Haircuts: 7 Men’s Hairstyles That Drive Women Away

The Man Bun has been called “the most divisive haircut since the mullet”. So while some women may love it, you’re going to repel a lot of chicks who may have otherwise liked you.

Jeopardy Contestant ‘Kate’ Gives Double Phallic Response

FAMOUS DOUBLE PHALLIC NAMES  Peter O'Toole, actor . Dick Pole, Former pitching coach for the Chicago Cubs. Dick Johnson, morning news co-anchor for the NBC station WMAQ-TV in Chicago. Rod Johnson, HVAC technician, Stockton, California. Peter "PJ" Weiner, musician, Texas. Willie Johnson, electric blues guitarist. Woody Woodpecker . 'Jeopardy!' star Amy Schneider reveals 'complicated, weird and interesting' life in memoir David Oliver, USA TODAY Who is: Amy Schneider? That is correct! Schneider – the millionaire who set our screens...

Why elderly men have the highest rates of suicides

Suicide rates among men 75 and older continue to be two or three times higher than many other demographic groups.

Man accused of killing subway employee over ‘too much mayo’ on sandwich is denied bond

The man is accused of shooting and killing one employee and injuring a second employee.

WHO confirms monkeypox spreads homosexually amid Congo outbreak

The monkeypox virus causes fever, chills, rash, and lesions on the face or genitals.

Is Chocolate Milk Secretly the Best Sports Drink?

INSIDE HOOK – After three sets of jogging, running and sprinting intervals at Barry’s, I grabbed the lightest weights I could find and hobbled over to my designated bench for the strength training portion of the high-intensity interval training session. The instructor clocked my confusion and I immediately regretted telling the receptionist that it was my first time. “Everyone give it up for Lauren, who is new to the family,” she said enthusiastically through her pop...
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