Orcas Sink Fourth Boat Off Iberia, Unnerving Sailors

Orcas caused enough damage to sink a yacht in the Strait of Gibraltar last week. A small pod has been slamming boats in recent years, worrying skippers hiding in shallow waters.

25-Year-Old Man Dead After Fall at Waterfall in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park

The National Park Service has re-issued a warning advising visitors to keep a safe distance from "mountain rivers, streams, and waterfalls waters" that are currently running "very cold and very fast."

Yes, Gravity Is Still A Law

CASE #1: Man dies after falling off cliff in Pirate's Cove By: Ashton McIntyre, Jun 22, 2023 Sheriff's office officials say at around 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, deputies responded to reports of a man who had fallen off a cliff at Pirate's Cove near Avila Beach. Witnesses reported a man was sitting on the cliff, overlooking the water, and when he got up to leave he lost his footing and slipped backwards, falling around 200 feet to the...

Tourists received no safety warnings before volcano eruption killed 22, prosecutor says

AP – Tourists received no health and safety warnings before they landed on New Zealand's most active volcano ahead of a 2019 eruption that killed 22 people, a prosecutor said Tuesday. There were 47 people on White Island, the tip of an undersea volcano also known by its Indigenous Maori name, Whakaari, when superheated gases erupted on Dec. 9. Most of the 25 people who survived were severely burned. The island's owners, brothers Andrew, James and...

How to Stay Calm During a Bumpy Flight

THE NEW YORK TIMES – On a recent flight to Chicago, Allison Levy said she was “white-knuckling” the armrest as the plane rumbled and shook for brief periods of time. Ms. Levy, 47, who lives in Arlington, Va., started to take deep breaths and tried to reassure herself: “It’s like a bumpy road — it’s not a big deal.” But, she added, “if I knew the person next to me, I’d definitely grip their thigh.” Airplane turbulence,...

Ex-Disney employee allegedly shot videos up women’s skirts

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A former Walt Disney World employee is facing a charge that he surreptitiously took a video up the skirt of a female customer, allegedly telling investigators he had done it more than 500 times over the past six years. Jorge Diaz Vega, 26, worked at the Star Wars gift shop inside Disney World's Hollywood Studios theme park in Florida until his recent arrest on one count of video voyeurism, a third-degree...

Flight attack raises questions about security, mental health

LEOMINSTER, Mass. (AP) — The music was blaring on a February afternoon when Francisco Torres stopped by a Massachusetts barbershop, proclaiming he was half-angel, half-devil. He wanted a dozen people to come outside the shop and shoot him with an automatic weapon stored in his car trunk. Before anyone could make sense of the request, Torres fled the shop and drove off. They never saw a weapon and he didn't return. "I didn't get what he...

Yellowstone Tourist Gored To Death By Bison

WHAT'S UP TODAY – A 25-year-old woman was gored by a bison in Yellowstone National Park on Monday morning, officials said. A bison was walking near a boardwalk at Black Sand Basin, just north of the Old Faithful geyser, when a tourist approached it, coming within 10 feet. The wild animal then gored the woman and tossed her 10 feet into the air, according to a press release from the National Park Service. The unnamed woman,...

Ski Jumping: “One Of The Most Eating-Disorder Plagued Sports”

Ski jumpers tend to be tall and slender, taking advantage of their height to have longer skis and lighter weight to help in the battle against gravity. They're not the only athletes that face pressure to watch their weight, joining gymnasts, wrestlers and jockeys to name just a few.

7 Rules Airline Passengers Must Obey

Unruly Passengers The FAA investigates unruly-passenger incidents that airline crews report to the agency. The data below reflects all cases the FAA investigated that cited violations of one or more FAA regulations or federal laws. Year-to-date numbers current as of December 31, 2021: General notes Interfering with the duties of a crewmember violates federal law. Federal Aviation Regulations 91.11, 121.580 and 135.120 state that "no person may assault, threaten, intimidate, or interfere with a crewmember in the performance...

Restaurants Adding ‘Equity’ Charge to Checks

"The owners of these establishments are free to run their businesses as they like (just as I’m free to take my business elsewhere). But, if they really care about uplifting their workers, they should worry less about corporate virtue-signaling and more about actually improving their business."

Fully Charged Cellphone Saves Kayaker Lost In Storm

WMTW | BIDDEFORD, Maine — Whenever dispatchers Dylan Martin and Lori Penney take a 911 call, one of the first and most important questions they ask each caller is "where are you?" That question proved especially important on Tuesday when a call came in from a kayaker off the coast of Biddeford who had gotten caught in fast-changing weather and dragged more than a mile offshore. "He didn't have a clue where he was. He was...

Woman Exposes Breasts At Disney, Gets Free $75 Shirt

The Disney website states that the company “reserves the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that is considered inappropriate.” Instead of being removed, one exhibitionist got a reward.

Pilots Declare Emergency Over Maskless Passenger, Turn Flight Around

WASHINGTON (AP) — An airline passenger could wind up paying $14,500 for refusing to wear a face mask and drinking alcohol that he had brought on board. The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday it proposed the civil penalty against a passenger on a Dec. 23 JetBlue Airways flight that left New York's John F. Kennedy Airport bound for the Dominican Republic, but turned back to JFK because of the man's behavior. The FAA said the man...
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