Reduce stress, improve sleep with police academy breathing technique

Combat breathing can positively impact the time we spend with others, our ability to focus and the quality of our sleep.

Enjoying nature may lessen need for some medications, study finds

After eight years, the researchers found having access to the most green space reduced the women’s death rate by 12% — and improved their mental health.

McDonald’s Plans to Perfect Its Menu In 2023—Here’s What’s In Store

EAT THIS, NOT THAT! Wondering what to expect from the Golden Arches in 2023? More innovative advertising campaigns, fresh takes on menu classics, and a whole lot of chicken. Oh, and did we mention the futuristic take-out-only location featuring a conveyor belt? When it comes to fast food supremacy, McDonald's is undeniably king of the hill. The chain routinely blows its competitors out of the water in terms of profitability and revenue. For instance, in 2021 it...

Recall of mushrooms from China is expanded

FOOD SAFETY NEWS – The December recall of those Listeria-contaminated mushrooms imported from China was expanded on Friday. Utopia Foods Inc of Glendale, NY made the expanded recall announcement of more of the 200g packages of “Enoki Mushrooms”, imported from China, with clear and blue plastic packages with clear markings of “Best before 03/02/2023” or “Best before 03.09.23. The recalled “Enoki Mushrooms” were distributed in NY, NJ, and CT to produce wholesale companies from Jan. 6...

Consumption of fast food linked to liver disease

The findings also reveal that a relatively modest amount of fast food, which is high in carbohydrates and fat, can hurt the liver. “If people eat one meal a day at a fast-food restaurant, they may think they aren’t doing harm,” said Kardashian. “However, if that one meal equals at least one-fifth of their daily calories, they are putting their livers at risk.”

6 tips to keep your brain healthy

MAYO CLINIC – Changes to your body and brain are normal as you age. However, there are some things you can do to help slow any decline in memory and lower your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease or other dementias. Here are six things I recommend to my patients in order of importance: 1. Exercise regularly. Exercise has many known benefits, and regular physical activity also benefits the brain. Multiple research studies show that physical active people...

Six minutes of high-intensity exercise could delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease

The Physiological Society (UK) – Six minutes of high-intensity exercise could extend the lifespan of a healthy brain and delay the onset of neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. New research published in The Journal of Physiology shows that a short but intense bout of cycling increases the production of a specialised protein that is essential for brain formation, learning and memory, and could protect the brain from age-related cognitive decline. This insight...

When Weight Impacts Health | NEJM VIDEO

NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE – In this short video for patients and families from the New England Journal of Medicine, experts discuss the current understanding of obesity and explore the surgical and medical therapies for weight loss, with a focus on new, effective treatments. Patients also share their experiences with bias and stigma and their reflections on living with obesity. https://youtu.be/PiWbTsOTwhw?t=288 WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE.  The New England Journal of Medicine is the world's leading general...

7 brain health hacks to strengthen memory, improve mood, and feel less stressed

FORTUNE – We can take care of our brains like we do the rest of our body in order to help us think logically and strengthen our emotional processing throughout the day. Daily habits keep our brains healthy, and as the New Year kicks into full swing, it’s a great time to think about small ways to incorporate new tools into your routine. Research shows that taking breaks, practicing gratitude, and trying something new can support...

Insomnia is a $5 billion business — and this former sleep doctor thinks it’s time for a new approach

CNBC – Daniel Erichsen spent about a decade as a sleep doctor, primarily seeing patients who were struggling with sleep apnea and insomnia. His career took a dramatic turn early last year, when he was fired from his hospital job in Oregon. Erichsen, 42, had stopped prescribing sleeping pills to patients and for the most part refused to refer them for expensive and time-consuming tests that he deemed pointless. Erichsen didn’t suddenly turn anti-medicine. Growing up...

6 tips for headache relief

Headache pain can slow you down or even stop you in your tracks. It can be intense or a dull ache that lasts for a few days. Regardless of the exact symptoms, you want relief. Here are six things you can do to help lessen headache intensity or frequency.

Eating grapes ‘can help stop sunburn’

YAHOO! NEWS – Eating grapes can help prevent sunburn, according to a new study. Scientists found people who ate two-and-a-quarter cups of the fruit every day for two weeks were better protected against damage from ultraviolet light. Natural components found in grapes, called polyphenols, are thought to be responsible for these beneficial effects. Around a third of the study participants had some resistance to ultraviolet light after eating grapes. Around 10 per cent of them still had some...

Red Meat Is Not a Health Risk; University Study Slams Years of Shoddy Research

BIG THINK – Studies have been linking red meat consumption to health problems like heart disease, stroke, and cancer for years. But nestled in the recesses of those published papers are notable limitations. Nearly all the research is observational, unable to tease out causation convincingly. Most are plagued by confounding variables. For example, perhaps meat eaters simply eat fewer vegetables, or tend to smoke more, or exercise less? Moreover, many are based on self-reported consumption. The...

Coffee Habits That Are Aging You Faster, According to a Dietitian

While coffee isn't necessarily unhealthy, there are a few bad coffee habits that can contribute to faster aging depending on how you drink it.
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