New standards of ‘transgender health care’ raise eyebrows

THE ECONOMIST – The latest standards of care by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health on September 15th included a list of minimum ages for treatments—14 for cross-sex hormones, 15 for removal of breasts, 17 for testicles. Hours later, a “correction” eliminated the age limits. The head of the drafting committee, Eli Coleman, said the publisher went ahead “without approval” before final changes were made. This only intensified concerns about the document’s “gender-affirming” approach that...

What Is “Eco-Anxiety”? Climate Fear Mongering Is Literally Making People Sick

"Eco-anxiety refers to the anxiety and fear that people have over climate change and the future of the planet." – CNN

How Porn Is Like NASCAR: Sex Professor Explains

MEDICAL XPRESS – People have different definitions, but here's mine: Sex positivity is the radical, all-inclusive belief that each person's body belongs to that person, and they get to choose what they do with it and how they feel about it. Internet porn is a much-debated topic. I've heard people call it inherently sexist, say it has led to the exploitation of performers, that it's psychologically damaging to children. I've read defenses about the ways in which...

Biden Walks Back Pandemic Comments, Resumes Parroting Deep State Mantra

Biden is likely playing cleanup to his own supporters.

Why You Should Pay Attention To Fly Vomit

University of Massachusetts Amherst – New research concerning “synanthropic” flies—or the non-biting flies that live with us—argues that we need to pay far more attention to them as disease carriers. While epidemiologists have focused their attention on the biting flies that can spread diseases by transferring infected blood from host to host, it turns out that what the non-biting flies regurgitate is a far greater risk to human health. “I’ve been working on synanthropic flies since...

Oz releases health records to spotlight Fetterman’s stroke

The release of the health records comes as Oz is trying to close a gap in the polls and is increasingly making Democratic rival John Fetterman's fitness to serve a central theme in his campaign.

America’s Fastest-Growing Restaurant Chain Is the Most Underrated

Jersey Mike’s star is on the rise, and while it still has a way to go before catching up with Subway’s 37,000 locations, its exponential growth proves how far it has come from its humble beginnings to earn a spot among the country’s top sandwich brands.

Abandoned At The Border: What Illegals Do With Their Unwanted Children

LA GRULLA, Texas – Rio Grande City Border Patrol Station agents encountered noncitizen unaccompanied minor siblings with their U.S. point of contact written on their shirts. On September 20, at approximately 6:30 a.m., agents encountered a group of 18 migrants from Honduras, Guatemala, and Cuba near La Grulla. Within the group were eight unaccompanied minors, to include two brothers, aged two and six, from Guatemala. The siblings had their names and contact information of their U.S....

27 dead in China quarantine bus crash, prompting outcry over ‘zero COVID’

(AP) — A nighttime bus crash that killed 27 people in southwest China this week has set off a storm of anger online over the harshness of the country's strict COVID-19 policies. The initial police report did not say who the passengers were and where they were going, but it later emerged they were headed to a quarantine location outside their city of Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province. The bus with 47 people on board...

Matthew Magee named as tall man in Queen’s funeral procession

YORKSHIRE LIVE – Viewers around the world have been getting distracted by an exceptionally tall man in Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral procession. Many on Twitter keep asking who the very tall man is who has regularly featured as part of the procession. Mistakenly, many have believed the man is the person who Queen Elizabeth II affectionately referred to as ‘Tall Paul’ - because of his height. He was also present during today’s proceedings. Paul Whybrew was considered...

Drinking tea may lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease and death, mounting research shows

Several large studies have recently found that consuming several cups of tea per day could bring a range of health benefits.

AMA joins class action lawsuit against Cigna’s insurance billing practices

MEDICAL ECONOMICS – A leading physician organization is lining up against one of the nation’s largest health insurers in a legal fight over insurance billing. The American Medical Association (AMA) this week announced it would join a class action lawsuit filed against Cigna. The complaint alleges the health insurer underpaid patients’ claims, violating terms of its own plans, along with the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, which sets minimum standards for most retirement...

COVID is still killing hundreds a day, even as society begins to move on

In Los Angeles County, more people died of COVID between May and July this year than during the same months last year.

Sarah Sanders undergoes surgery for thyroid cancer

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who is running for governor in Arkansas, underwent surgery Friday for thyroid cancer. Sanders announced she underwent the surgery after a biopsy earlier this month revealed that she had thyroid cancer. Sanders was recovering at an Arkansas hospital on Friday, her campaign said. "Today, I underwent a successful surgery to remove my thyroid and surrounding lymph nodes and by the grace of God I...
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