Woman, 23, dies on the operating table during “routine” IVF procedure

INSIDER – A woman died during an IVF procedure from a severe case of a condition called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. OHSS can occur if IVF drugs overstimulate the ovaries, releasing chemicals that make blood vessels leak. According to a report, the unnamed woman was "healthy" before she had the procedure. A 23-year-old woman died on the operating table during a routine in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure after a rare complication caused fluid to build up in her...

College football player killed while riding electric scooter

CNN – A college community is grieving the loss of 18-year-old football player Camdan McWright. The San José State University freshman was killed Friday morning while riding an electric scooter, according to the San José State Athletics department and the California Highway Patrol. Camdan McWright was a running back and had appeared in one game for the Spartans this season. "According to the highway patrol’s preliminary investigation, a school bus carrying 14 students entered an intersection on...

One in 10 Americans Over 65 Have Dementia—Here are 15 Ways to Reduce Your Risk

Together, dementia and cognitive impairment impact about one in three Americans, according to a new brain health study.

Are You a Miserable Scoundrel? Reevaluate Your Sleeping Habits.

INSIDE HOOK – You’re not you when you’re sleepy. According to recent research from Dr. Eti Ben Simon, a neuroscientist at the Center for Human Sleep Science in Berkeley, sleep loss leads to “the withdrawal of human helping across individuals, groups, and large-scale societies.” Which is an academic way of saying that when we don’t sleep well, we morph into selfish bastards. Why? Well, sleep deprivation is hell on the brain, and deactivates key nodes “within the...

Afraid of needles? You suck this COVID-19 vaccine instead

A video posted by an online Chinese state media outlet showed people at a community health center sticking the short nozzle of a translucent white cup into their mouths. The accompanying text said that after slowly inhaling, people hold their breath for five seconds, with the entire procedure completed in 20 seconds.

Engineered COVID-19 linked to spike in heart attacks

COVID-19 may trigger or accelerate the presentation of preexisting coronary artery disease, even in younger adults.

COVID-19 Was Engineered: New Study

THE EPOCH TIMES – A new study on the origins of the pandemic, “Endonuclease fingerprint indicates a synthetic origin of SARS-CoV2,” published on the preprint server bioRxiv, concludes that it is highly likely that the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 originated in a laboratory. The odds of a natural origin, according to the study, are placed at less than 1 in 100 million. Unlike previous studies that analyzed qualitative aspects such as virus features, the new study for...

Myocarditis seven times more likely with COVID-19 than vaccines

A Penn State team conducted the largest study to date on the risk of developing myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle, as a result of having the coronavirus versus experiencing inflammation following COVID-19 vaccination.

ADHD Drugs Negatively Affect Bone Density

Psychiatric Times – A recent study investigated the effect of modafinil, atomoxetine, and guanfacine on the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells to osteoblasts and on their cell functions, including migration. Researchers determined that the 3 medications commonly used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) negatively affect hMSC differentiation to bone-forming osteoblasts and cell migration through different intracellular pathways. With an increasing number of children and adolescents receiving a diagnosis of ADHD, and 60% of children continuously affected...

Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine will cost $110-$130 per dose

AP – Pfizer will charge $110 to $130 for a dose of its COVID-19 vaccine once the U.S. government stops buying the shots, but the drugmaker says it expects many people will continue receiving it for free. Pfizer executives said the commercial pricing for adult doses could start early next year, depending on when the government phases out its program of buying and distributing the shots. The drugmaker said it expects that people with private health...

Cholera 101: Why this ancient disease is making headlines in 2022

GOATS AND SODA – This has been a devastating year on the cholera front. The World Health Organization states that 29 countries have reported cases of cholera this year — a notable increase from the average of fewer than 20 countries with outbreaks over the past five years. In addition, the fatality rate has almost tripled from roughly 1% to around 3%, prompting increased concern. In recent years, the annual death toll from cholera has been...

Police Dog Saves Officers From Gun-Wielding Perp [RIP Perp]

Francisco Javier Galarza was fatally shot by Tucson police officers during an arrest at the Circle K located at Park Avenue and Bilby Road on Thursday, Aug. 25.(Tucson Police Department)

Is a do-not-resuscitate tattoo a valid advance directive?

MAYO CLINIC NEWS NETWORK – With the growing popularity of tattoos, you may wonder if a tattoo is the best way to express health care wishes. Tattooing "DNR" or "DNI" on your chest may seem like an easy way to permanently express your wishes. But this is ethically controversial and not a substitute for a valid advance directive. In Wisconsin and Minnesota, a tattoo is not acceptable by law for expressing end-of-life care wishes. This...

Pentagon To Fund Abortion Travel For Service Members And Families

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin issued a series of policies Thursday aimed at shoring up access to reproductive health care for troops and their dependents. The moves include paying travel costs for families assigned to states that restrict abortion, extending the time a pregnancy must be disclosed, and adding privacy protections. AP: Pentagon To Provide Funds, Help For Troops Seeking Abortions The Pentagon will provide travel funds and support for troops and their dependents who seek abortions...
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