This Emotion Is Key To Sexual Bliss in Longterm Relationships

sex mature coupleJune 21, 2020

Psypost – New psychology research indicates that gratitude motivates people to meet the sexual needs of their romantic partners.

The study, published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, suggests those who feel appreciated by their partner and appreciative towards their partner tend to have a stronger sexual bond.

Study author Ashlyn Brady of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro said:

“I became interested in this topic because I think it is applicable to many people. Over the course of a romantic relationship, people will likely experience times when they do not feel sexually satisfied, and this can be harmful to their overall relationship satisfaction. 

“Recent findings suggest that having the motivation to fulfill a partner’s sexual needs (i.e., sexual communal strength) may help buffer romantic couples from experiencing these normative declines in sexual satisfaction; however, it was still unknown how people could enhance their motivation to fulfill their partner’s sexual needs. The current results help us to understand factors that promote sexual communal strength.”

The researchers first recruited 185 participants using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service for a pilot study, which found that individuals who agreed more strongly with statements like “I appreciate my partner” and “My partner often tells me the things that she or he really likes about me” were more likely to say that fulfilling the sexual needs of their partner was a high priority.

Brady and her colleagues then conducted a longitudinal study with 118 heterosexual couples. The researchers found that gratitude was positively associated with changes in sexual communal strength over time.

To test whether there was a causal association, the researchers conducted an online experiment with 285 individuals.

They found that participants who were randomly assigned to either write about being grateful towards their partner or perceiving gratitude from their partner tended to be more likely to report greater sexual communal strength compared to participants in the control conditions … Read more. 


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