“I Am Tired Of Seeing Only Articles Pushing The Vaccine”

Headline Health reader Nancy B. writes:

“I am tired of seeing only articles pushing the vaccine and nothing about the number of deaths and serious reactions to them. Can you report both sides of the issue? Or is this just propaganda? Can we have information to make up our own minds?”

This site has published many articles addressing reported vaccine-associated risks. (Use the search tool at the right edge of the black bar across the top of the site to find them.)

Here are a dozen recent articles addressing reported vaccine limitations, ethical issues, “propaganda,” and risks (most recent first):

“All About mRNA So Called Vaccines”

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Vaccines Haven’t Cured This Public Health Crisis

Understanding COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

Virus Variants May Thwart Vaccines

The AstraZeneca Vaccine And Blood Clots

Long-Term Vaccine Side Effects

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These Vaccine Side Effects Are Not ‘Fake News’

Russian Propaganda Seeks To Undermine US Vaccine Program

Doctor Admits Doubts About Vaccine Safety

3 In 5 Russians Fear Virus, Vaccine Are Bio Weapons

Thousands of Military Say ‘No’ To Vaccine

Did Bill Gates Use a Stand-In to Fake Getting His COVID-19 Vaccine?

In addition, we published a five-part series from the University of Michigan covering common objections to Covid-19 vaccines:

“COVID Vaccines Contain Tracers and Baby Parts”: TRUE or FALSE?

“The Vaccine Is Designed For Population Control”: TRUE or FALSE?

“People Are Getting Seriously Ill From The Vaccine”: TRUE or FALSE?

“The Vaccine Changes Your DNA”: TRUE or FALSE?

“Corners Were Cut In Covid Vaccine Testing”: TRUE or FALSE?

Also see the lead story on our homepage today:

The Strange History of Vaccines – And Why People Fear Them

If you have concerns not covered by these articles, please post them in the comments section below. We’d be happy to look into them.


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