“Black People Are Not Allowed” – McDonald’s In China

A video posted on social media appears to show an employee wearing a black cap and a red jacket with McDonald’s logos handing a laminated document to customers stating “black people are not allowed to enter the restaurant … please understand the inconvenience caused.”

“300,000 black people in Guangzhou were setting off a second epidemic.”

McDonald’s in Chinese city bans blacks over COVID-19 fears

| Apr 14, 2020

Fox News – A McDonald’s in China is apologizing for banning black customers from entering a restaurant in Guangzhou over coronavirus concerns.

(Guangzhou, also known as Canton or Kwangchow, is a sprawling port city northwest of Hong Kong on the Pearl River; population 14,904,400 – 2018) 

According to a video shared on social media, a black customer was given a laminated notice barring him from entering the fast-food chain:

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“We’ve been informed that from now on black people are not allowed to enter the restaurant. For the sake of your health consciously notify the local police for medical isolation, please understand the inconvenience caused.” 

The video quickly made the rounds on social media, with users widely condemning the notice.

Tensions have flared between Chinese and Africans in the city, where many Africans live, after reports that Africans have been evicted or discriminated against due to coronavirus fears.

An unfounded rumor had been spreading that “300,000 black people in Guangzhou were setting off a second epidemic.”

The U.S. and African nations have been critical of China’s reported treatment of Africans in the commercial hub, with authorities allegedly ordering bars and restaurants not to serve clients “who appear to be of African origin.”

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Officials have also launched mandatory testing and self-quarantine for “anyone with ‘African contacts,’” according to a U.S. Embassy security alert … Read more. 


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