Women Catch This Cancer Bug From Men; Thousands Die

“HPV is transmitted through sexual contact … “

Women’s Health: Cervical Cancer

Sep 16, 2020

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Unlike ovarian cancer, cervical cancer is usually discovered in an early or pre-cancerous stage.

Early detection means the survival rate for a woman diagnosed with cervical cancer is approximately 90%, says Dr. Nick Montalto.

Dr. Montalto specializes in gynecological surgery at Ellis Medicine, using minimally invasive techniques, according to Ellis Medicine.

Almost 14,000 women will get a cervical cancer diagnosis in 2020, says the American Cancer Society.

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Approximately 31% or 4,290 will die. The human papillomavirus (HPV) is the cause of over 99% of cervical cancer says Dr. Montalto.

He says in the future doctors will move away from the traditional pap smear and instead use a combination test to include screening for HPV or test exclusively for HPV.

The HPV vaccine is recommended for children between the ages of 11-12 and is a two-shot series.

The second shot is administered six months after the first. A three-shot series is given to individuals between the ages of 15-45 over the course of six months.

HPV is transmitted through sexual contact and giving the shot before a person becomes sexually active means a lower chance those with the virus will pass it to their sexual partner(s).

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Once contracted, HPV cannot be treated with the vaccine.

One of the reasons the HPV vaccine is controversial is because it prevents a sexually transmitted infection, which leads some people to believe it’s inappropriate for children … Read more. 


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