The Sad Reason The Cracker Barrel Backlash Makes Sense

MASHED – Cracker Barrel is known for many things:

buttermilk biscuits, Southern-style cooking, patio chairs, knick-knacks, the list goes on.

While these are all good things to be known for, it’s safe to say that the old country restaurant has been the target of more than a few controversies over the years.

One recent example involves Cracker Barrel’s attempt to market towards the vegan consumer base with its new “Impossible Sausage.”

This was met with a rather shocking pushback from the chain’s fans. CBS News reports customers were “disgusted” with the chain’s attempts to market towards the “woke crowd.”

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The meatless sausage was considered to be in stark contrast with Cracker Barrel’s claims of real home-cooked foods.

Some customers seemed to be so outraged by Cracker Barrel’s newest menu items that, according to FOX Business, there were even calls to boycott the restaurant.

“We don’t eat in an old country store for woke burgers.” was one particularly strange comment, referring back to the idea that the introduction of plant-based meat was “woke.”

Cracker Barrel assured customers that meat products would still be on the menu. But some were still peeved at the idea that a restaurant known for its “made-from-scratch” cooking would promote a product so “out of line” with its beliefs.

While plant-based meat is indeed a strange thing to get upset about, perhaps people’s distrust for Cracker Barrel may come not from more than the food … READ MORE.

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