FL Man, 86, Sues ‘Dating Service’ After Doctor Orders Him To ‘Limit Activity’

Screenshot: Sun Coast Introductions

Sep 22, 2020 |

NY Post – An 86-year-old Florida man who paid a dating service nearly $5,000 couldn’t get a refund in spite of letters from doctors ordering him to stay home amid the coronavirus pandemic, a lawsuit claims.

Widower Alexander Walker Sheen, of South Pasadena, sued Sun Coast Introductions LLC earlier this month for more than $8,000 in damages after signing a contract in February with the dating site for eight meetings with potential partners over the next year for $4,995, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

The contract supplied by the company — whose website bills itself as “Florida’s premier matchmakers” — specified that users could cancel “upon a doctor’s order” and provided no timeframe during which it could not be terminated due to health reasons, according to the lawsuit filed Sept. 4 in Pinellas County.

But when Sheen’s plans were scuttled amid the coronavirus pandemic — on the advice of three doctors — the company never responded to his request for a refund, according to the filing.

“It is my strong recommendation that Alex limit his ambulatory activity to only what is [absolutely] necessary, i.e. emergent doctor visits and remaining active inside his home,” … Read more. 


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