15 Habits of Couples Who Have Great Sex

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15 Habits of Couples Who Have Great Sex

  • They Define Sex Broadly. Couples who are sexually satisfied tend to understand that it’s about more than just intercourse. And studies show that they usually get intimate with each other at least weekly.A regular schedule isn’t a prescription for instant bliss. But getting physically close to your partner often can be a sign that you two are in a healthy place.
  • They Get Educated. Knowledge can equal sexual bliss. Learning more about each other’s physical erotic zones, how much stimulation you need, and what turns you on can take your sex life to new heights.
  • They Touch. Physical contact is a powerful tool that builds connection and trust. Sex therapists use a technique called sensate focus. It’s an exercise that explores how different kinds of touch make you feel.It also eases the pressure off reaching a sexual “goal” like orgasm or penetration. Practicing sensual touch can help partners get closer and make intimacy more pleasurable.

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  • They Confide in Each Other. Studies show that couples who aren’t honest about what they do and don’t enjoy in the bedroom are more likely feel dissatisfied. So tell each other if your libido is lagging or you have trouble getting to orgasm. Let your partner know, too, if you feel self-conscious about your body or if anything makes you uncomfortable.

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  • They Use Therapy. Sessions with a certified sex therapist can improve intimacy issues by helping you communicate better, guiding you through touch exercises, and educating you about arousal and desire. If your problems stem from other issues, talk therapy may also benefit your whole relationship.

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