Fauci To Receive Honorary Mayo Clinic Degree

Dr. Fauci to give commencement speech to Mayo's biomedical students

PLUS: Stranded in Mexico, a Mayo doctor and his family yearn to return home

Post Bulletin – Dr. Anthony Fauci will deliver the commencement speech on Sept. 11 at the 2021 Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

In addition to giving the commencement speech, Fauci will receive an honorary degree from the school.

Dr. Stephen Ekker, dean of Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, said:

“When I think of the impact science is having on society, I cannot think of a more inspiring person than Dr. Fauci,”

“He has brought medicine and science to the forefront of America by being an unwavering advocate for science and facts.”

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Stranded in Mexico, a Mayo doctor and his family yearn to return home

Family went to Mexico to get a visa and has been marooned there ever since.

Written By: Matthew Stolle | 6:00 am, Sep. 2, 2021

When Mayo Clinic Dr. Tingjun Chen flew into Mexico with his wife and child in late April, his hope was that it would be a short stay.

If all went well, it would have lasted a week –just long enough to be issued a new visa so he could return to his work at Mayo and his family to their home in Rochester.

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But four months later, Chen and his wife, Chunhua (Kate) Cao, and 14-year-old daughter, Jiaxuan (Daisy) Chen, are marooned in Guadalajara, Mexico, their finances slowly deteriorating. A neighbor of Chen’s has started a “Bring the Chen Family Home” gofundme campaign.

Last weekend, Chen checked a website on the status on his visa application and saw that it had been refused. He is still seeking confirmation.

The apparent denial was the latest turn of the screw in a months-long, torturous journey through the U.S. immigration system that has left the Chen family frustrated and uncertain about the future.

“I’m very depressed at this point,” Chen said in a telephone interview this week.

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