Conservatives react to Pelosi stepping down: ‘Good riddance!’

During her tenure, Pelosi passed President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act ...

Boebert – “Good riddance!”

Fox News

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Thursday announced she is stepping down from congressional Democratic leadership. Her decision not to seek re-election was met with celebration by conservatives on Twitter.

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., tweeted.

“The Pelosi era is over. Good riddance!”

Levin on Pelosi: “A sham.”

Mark Levin tweeted,

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“Nancy Pelosi is shown bi-partisan respect and media fawning despite her wretched reign over the House. She was no uniter. She never demonstrated respect for our system. She always had a nasty comment. So, the rewriting of her true legacy begins already. A sham.”

J. Bradford Williams, a conservative commentator and founder of “thebradfordfile,” pointed out that throughout Pelosi’s time in the House of Representatives, she has enriched herself.

“Nancy Pelosi has spent 35 years amassing a $200 million fortune at the expense of the people. She is everything that is wrong w ‘public service’ in America,” he wrote …

“Nancy Pelosi not being speaker anymore makes the 2022 election cycle a huge win for Republicans,” Tim Young, a conservative author and comedian, wrote after Pelosi’s announcement.


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