How arthritis can worsen from these 7 foods

Yahoo Canada Lifestyle Editors, November 17, 2022 

YAHOO! LIFE – Some foods are known for worsening an individual’s arthritis and should be avoided whenever possible to prevent flare-ups.

While no single food will cause arthritis or trigger a flare-up, your diet as a whole can substantially impact the severity of your condition.

Certain foods have been found to have inflammatory properties, so it’s wise to avoid these foods as much as possible.

1. Dairy

Dairy contains a protein called casein which can stimulate inflammation around the joints, worsening symptoms of arthritis. Moreover, some dairy products like cheese and butter have high-fat content, which can contribute to weight gain and increase pressure on your joints.

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2. High fructose corn syrup

A clinical trial assessed the negative impacts of drinking sucrose-sweetened soft drinks (SSSDs) and found that drinks with processed sugars directly stimulated the production of uric acid. Uric acid not only promotes inflammation but also induces insulin resistance.

3. Saturated fats

Saturated fats and trans fats are bad for individuals with arthritis because they increase levels of inflammation in the body and contribute to other health risks like heart disease. Additionally, saturated fats indirectly affect arthritis by contributing to weight gain.

4. Refined sugars

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Refined sugars are problematic for several reasons. Firstly, they have been found to have inflammatory effects in the bloodstream. They also contribute to weight gain, which can indirectly worsen arthritis.

5. Pasta

Eating traditional pasta can worsen arthritis because it contains gluten.

6. Red meat

Red meat is best avoided by individuals with gout, as it contains purines, which the body converts to uric acid. Gout results from excess uric acid in the bloodstream.

7. Processed foods

Processed foods foods negatively impact arthritis symptoms because they are difficult for our bodies to process and digest.

If you continue to suffer from arthritis flare-ups, consider speaking with your doctor about additional dietary changes … READ MORE. 

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