CDC Investigating Post-Vaccine Death Of Nebraska Man

“While I cannot speculate on this case, when individuals die days or weeks after the vaccine has been administered, it is more likely due to other underlying factors.”

CNBC – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will investigate the death of a Nebraska man after local health officials listed the Covid-19 vaccine as one of several causes of death.

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services announced the launch of the investigation in a press release late Thursday.

The man, a long-term care facility resident in his late forties with several co-exisiting diseases and conditions, died on Jan. 17.

His death occurred between one and two weeks after receiving his first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, according to the statement.

The CDC and FDA received 1,170 reports of fatalities among individuals in the U.S. who received a Covid vaccine — 0.003% of vaccinated people — between Dec. 14, and Feb. 7.

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During this time, over 41 million doses of Pfizer or Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccines were administered across the country, according to the CDC … Click source below to read more. 

“People Are Getting Seriously Ill From The Vaccine”: TRUE or FALSE?

COVID vaccines and safety: what the research says

16 FEBRUARY 2021

Researchers are learning about the extent and nature of side effects.

NATURE – As people around the world receive COVID-19 vaccines, reports of temporary side effects such as headaches and fevers are rolling in. Much of this was expected — clinical-trial data for the vaccines authorized so far suggested as much.

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But now that millions of people are vaccinated, compared with the thousands enrolled in early studies, reports of some rare, allergic reactions are surfacing, and questions are arising about whether any deaths are linked to the shots.

There is no question that the current vaccines are effective and safe. The risk of severe reaction to a COVID-19 jab, say researchers, is outweighed by the protection it offers against the deadly coronavirus.

Nature looks at what scientists are learning about the frequency and nature of side effects as huge numbers of people report their reactions to physicians and through safety-monitoring systems, such as smartphone apps.

How many people experience common side effects from COVID-19 vaccines?

For the two available messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines — one made by Moderna at Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the other developed through a collaboration between Pfizer in New York City and BioNTech in Mainz, Germany — a significant portion of people experience non-serious reactions, such as injection-site pain, headache and fatigue.

These vaccines deliver bits of RNA that code for coronavirus proteins, which the body mounts a response against.

According to data from the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), about 372 out of every million administered doses of the mRNA vaccines lead to a non-serious reaction report.

This number is lower than would be expected from clinical-trial data, which indicated that at least 80% of people would experience injection-site pain.

Researchers running trials monitor patients closely and record every reaction. VAERS, meanwhile, relies on health-care workers and vaccinated individuals to self-report side effects … Read more. 



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