After Hawaii, New Hampshire had lowest COVID death rate of all states

(Concord Monitor) A major study has singled out New Hampshire as a model among U.S. states in response to COVID-19, having suffered virtually the lowest cumulative death rate from the pandemic. The state’s success, the study said, came about partly because of relative wealth, partly from lack of racial and ethnic groups that were harder hit by the disease, partly “by being more aggressive than most states in addressing its social and racial disparities” for...

COVID Emergency Over, but Hundreds Are Still Dying Weekly

WEBMD – Traci Sikes's older sister Debbie had survived several health setbacks in life — a heart attack, a cancer diagnosis, and a couple of botched surgeries for a bad back. But by early 2023, the 68-year-old from Brownwood, TX, was in remission from lymphoma, feeling stronger, and celebrating a birthday for one of her 11 beloved grandchildren. Then Debbie caught COVID-19. Less than 2 months later, in March, she died of severe lung damage caused...

WHO Turns On China, Blames CCP for Hiding COVID-19 Origin

(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) The World Health Organization claimed last week that China‘s lack of transparency over the origin of COVID-19 is “simply inexcusable.” Three years after the virus was released into the world, Beijing-affiliated researchers have only just publicly shared crucial samples taken from inside Wuhan‘s “ground zero,” according to the Daily Mail. Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, a senior WHO official and a technical lead on COVID-19, heavily criticized China, saying that this data...

Healthy adults don’t need annual COVID boosters, WHO advisors say

ARS TECHNICA – A vaccine advisory group for the World Health Organization said Tuesday that, at this point, it does not recommend additional, let alone annual COVID-19 booster shots for people at low to medium risk of severe disease. It advised countries to focus on boosting those at high risk—including older people, pregnant people, and those with underlying medical conditions—every six to 12 months for the near- to mid-term. The new advice contrasts with proposed plans...

Tennis Star Novak Djokovic Forced to Withdraw From Miami Open Due to U.S. Vaccination Requirements for Foreign Travelers

FOUNDATION FOR ECONOMIC EDUCATION – The world’s top tennis player—currently ranked #1—Novak Djokovic of Serbia was deported from the Australian Open in 2022 because he was not vaccinated. Then again, he was forced to withdraw from the Indian Wells Open (located in California) in March 2023 and now he’s being barred again from participating in a major ATP tennis tournament: The Miami Open, which began March 20. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and two U.S. Senators, Marco...

Research Finds Catching Covid Offers Protection Like Vaccines Do

KHN Morning Briefing – "Natural immunity" from a covid infection provides strong, lasting protection against severe outcomes, new research says — on a par with two doses of an mRNA vaccine. Separately, a study showed that for adults hospitalized with omicron, the death rate is 1.5 times that of influenza A or B. NBC News: Natural Immunity As Protective As Covid Vaccine Against Severe Illness Immunity acquired from a Covid infection provides strong, lasting protection against the...

US acceptance of COVID vaccines rises, now like other Western democracies

COVID vaccines have proven to be the safest way to reduce the chance that SARS-CoV-2 can put you in the hospital, leading to a decline in politically driven vaccine hesitancy in the US.

Successfully applying for Social Security disability is difficult. Applying as a long Covid patient is even trickier

CNBC – When Christopher Perry got sick in July 2021, he thought he just had a bad cold. But after Perry’s adult son found him passed out in his living room, he was taken to the hospital and put on life support due to Covid-19. A diagnosis of respiratory lung failure has led to long-term health consequences. Today, Perry, 44, of Newport News, Virginia, can only walk short distances and gets winded quickly. His difficulty breathing leads...

People who haven’t had COVID will likely catch XBB.1.5 – and many will get reinfected, experts say

USA TODAY – The newest COVID-19 variant is so contagious that even people who've avoided it so far are getting infected and the roughly 80% of Americans who've already been infected are likely to catch it again, experts say. Essentially, everyone in the country is at risk for infection now, even if they're super careful, up to date on vaccines, or have caught it before, said Paula Cannon, a virologist at the University of Southern...

Millions suffer from long Covid — and it costs them $9,000 a year in health-care expenses, on average

Long Covid is a chronic illness that results from a Covid-19 infection. There are hundreds of potential symptoms, which can be debilitating for many people. Treatment largely consists of symptom management, since there’s no known cure for long Covid, medical experts said.

Covid vaccine trials didn’t monitor menstrual changes. Researchers say it’s part of a bigger problem.

Evidence thus far suggests that Covid vaccines can temporarily prolong menstruation or result in heavier periods, but that these vaccine-induced changes are short-lived — Male said most resolved within one or two cycles.

Workers walk out of iPhone factory, highlighting virus woes

BEIJING (AP) — Workers who assemble Apple Inc.'s newest iPhone walked away from a factory in central China following virus outbreaks and complaints of unsafe working conditions, highlighting the clash between the disease's enduring risks and efforts to restore the global flow of goods. Employees started leaving the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou after some fell ill in mid-October and received no treatment, according to an employee who asked not to be identified by name. He...

27 dead in China quarantine bus crash, prompting outcry over ‘zero COVID’

(AP) — A nighttime bus crash that killed 27 people in southwest China this week has set off a storm of anger online over the harshness of the country's strict COVID-19 policies. The initial police report did not say who the passengers were and where they were going, but it later emerged they were headed to a quarantine location outside their city of Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province. The bus with 47 people on board...

COVID-19 could more than double chance of Alzheimer’s disease in seniors, study says

Based on the research by Case Western University’s Reserve School of Medicine, risk of Alzheimer’s disease in seniors doubled over a one-year period following a COVID-19 infection.
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