Two Republicans want to force Biden admin to release all the records on COVID-19’s origin

The bill requires HHS pay off the national debt by $1M per day they don't comply

Fox News – Two Republican lawmakers are introducing legislation to force the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to release with their documents on the origins of COVID-19 — or else pay $1 million per day.

Republicans Rep. Chip Roy of Texas and Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas told Fox News Digital that the HHS COVID-19 Origin Transparency Act would require HHS to publicly release all of its records related to the emergence of the virus that brought the world to a halt in 2020.

“The ‘public health’ regime continues to conceal the truth regarding the origins of COVID-19, vaccine development, masks, and the pandemic as a whole,” Roy told Fox News Digital.

This legislation will cut through bureaucratic stonewalling and let the American people finally seek the truth wherever it may lead.” the Texas Republican continued.

“The world and the American people deserve to know the truth about the origins of Covid-19, China’s involvement, and the ongoing cover-up,” Marshall told Fox News Digital.

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“Yet, here we are after YEARS of asking for the Biden Administration to provide this much-needed transparency and they continue to stonewall our investigations and find ‘work arounds’ to dodge our requests,” the Kansas senator continued. “Every American should be asking, ‘Why is that?’”

“Our legislation requires the HHS to publicly release all agency records related to the origins of COVID-19, the cover-up of the pandemic origins, and coronavirus research, including vaccine development,” he added. “It’s past time for answers- this is a matter of national security.”

The Republicans’ bill requires the HHS secretary to publicly release all “unpublished and unreleased records,” including “all records pending authorization or other approval from any organization of the People’s Republic of China” …

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