Covid drug linked to virus mutations

The findings confirm the drug’s ability to cause high rates of mutations in the virus.

Updated COVID shots are coming, despite CDC’s total lack of credibility

"Political meddling helped destroy the CDC's credibility when Americans needed the agency the most." – Bloomberg, Mar 29, 2023 WASHINGTON (AP) — Updated COVID-19 vaccines are coming soon, just in time to pair them with flu shots. And this fall, the first vaccines for another scary virus called RSV are rolling out to older adults and pregnant women. Doctors hope enough people get vaccinated to help avert another "tripledemic" like last year when hospitals were overwhelmed...

COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Reduce Immune Response to Other Infections

THE EPOCH TIMES – A recent study on the immune effects of Pfizer’s COVID-19 mRNA vaccine has scientists raising concerns over vaccine-acquired immune deficiencies. Vaccine-acquired immune deficiency syndrome (VAIDS) is a new colloquial term coined by researchers and health practitioners since the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Though not recognized as a medical condition, some experts believe the COVID-19 vaccines may impair or suppress immune responses. While the new study does not use the term VAIDS, the researchers...

Two Republicans want to force Biden admin to release all the records on COVID-19’s origin

Republicans Rep. Chip Roy of Texas and Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas are dropping the HHS COVID-19 Origin Transparency Act of 2023 to require HHS to publicly release all of its records related to the origins of COVID-19.

HHS awards $1.4 billion to drive development of new Covid-19 vaccines and therapies

Covid-19 vaccines that have been tweaked to teach the body how to fend off the current crop of circulating variants are now expected to land in drugstores and clinics in mid-September, CDC and FDA officials said Thursday.

Mainstream Media Ramps Up COVID Coverage As CDC Pushes More Jabs

HEADLINE HEALTH – In rapid fire succession on Friday morning, mainstream media outlet CBS News posted four new stories in less than 90 minutes on the reported resurgence of COVID: "Here's what experts say to know about new COVID variant BA.2.86" – BY ALEXANDER TIN, CBS News, AUGUST 25, 2023 / 9:48 AM "As COVID flares, some schools and businesses reinstate mask mandates" – BY MEGAN CERULLO, CBS News, AUGUST 25, 2023 / 9:48...

HHS awards $1.4B in grants to develop future COVID-19 tools

THE HILL – The Biden administration on Tuesday announced it is awarding $1.4 billion in grants through its coronavirus initiative to fund the development of “a new generation of tools and technologies to protect against COVID-19 for years to come.” Through the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded the grants to a collection of pharmaceutical companies, nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations. Part of the funding aims...

COVID symptoms seem to never touch certain people — and researchers may have finally figured out why

Studies have shown about 20% of people infected with COVID avoid severe sickness.

Myocarditis and COVID Vaccination: Researchers Reveal New Insights

According to findings, the risk of myocarditis is significantly greater in unvaccinated individuals who contract the COVID-19 virus than in those who receive vaccines. She emphasized that vaccination offers the best protection from COVID-19-related diseases.

Updated Covid vaccines planned for this fall, FDA staff says

CNBC Health & Science – U.S. Food and Drug Administration staff on Monday said updated Covid boosters should target XBB omicron subvariants for the upcoming fall and winter vaccination campaign. The U.S. should use a monovalent vaccine targeting either XBB.1.5, XBB.1.16, or XBB.2.3, collectively the dominant strains nationwide, the staff said in a briefing document. The FDA staff made the conclusion ahead of a meeting on Thursday, when a panel of external advisors to the agency...

Does COVID-19 damage the brain? Ask the doctor

Harvard Health Letter – Q. How does COVID-19 damage the brain, and can the damage be permanent? A. When the pandemic started in early 2020, doctors didn't know much yet about COVID and did not think it affected the brain. Boy, were we wrong! We now know that, unfortunately, COVID can damage the brain in many ways. When people first become sick from the virus, they may develop encephalitis — inflammation of the brain — causing...

Study narrows long COVID’s 200+ symptoms to core list of 12

ARS TECHNICA – A study published Thursday in JAMA offers a hopeful small step toward understanding long COVID. With data from 9,764 participants, researchers whittled down long COVID's more than 200 symptoms to a weighted list of 12 core symptoms. The study surveyed symptoms and conditions among people with a past SARS-CoV-2 infection (8,646 people) and those without (1,118). Researchers looked at the frequency of each symptom identified and the symptoms that differentiated the infected from the...

Masking Yields Small Reduction in COVID Risk, Review Concludes

MEDPAGE TODAY – Use of masks in both community settings and healthcare settings may slightly reduce risk of COVID-19, but the evidence base leaves much to be desired, the final installment of a living, rapid review of multiple studies found. Roger Chou, MD, and Tracy Dana, MLS, both of Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, wrote in the Annals of Internal Medicine: "The strength of evidence remained low for reduced risk for SARS-CoV-2 infection with...

After Hawaii, New Hampshire had lowest COVID death rate of all states

(Concord Monitor) A major study has singled out New Hampshire as a model among U.S. states in response to COVID-19, having suffered virtually the lowest cumulative death rate from the pandemic. The state’s success, the study said, came about partly because of relative wealth, partly from lack of racial and ethnic groups that were harder hit by the disease, partly “by being more aggressive than most states in addressing its social and racial disparities” for...
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