Another Child Killed By Family Pit Bull

Police described the dog as a pitbull-type breed. The dog was contained in the back yard, and police and animal control officers put it down. Police said the dog belonged to the family. – NBC 10, Providence, RI | File photo: Jim Pennucci (CC BY 2.0)

“We saw them going around the house with the pole to try and grab the dog, that took about a half hour, 45 minutes.” 

Same story, different day 

Another child has died tragically after being mauled by her own family’s pitbull 

NBC 10 – East Providence, Rhode Island police said Friday a 15-month-old girl was killed after being attacked by a family dog. They said the incident happened at her grandparent’s home.

Officers responded to the Brookhaven Drive home at about 2:45 p.m. Thursday for a “disturbance in progress.” They later determined the dog, described as a pitbull-type breed, had bitten the child.

“We were shocked,” said Tracy Couto who lives down the street. “We wanted to know what was going on up the street. We saw people getting transported into an ambulance. We knew something horrific happened at that house.”

Police said the 15-month-old girl had significant injuries from the attack. She died shortly after arriving at Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

Neighbors watched as police officers and Animal Control tried to capture the dog. It was euthanized [shot with a police service weapon] on the property.

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“We saw them going around the house with the pole to try and grab the dog, that took about a half-hour, 45 minutes,” said neighbor Heidi Dorazio.

“Then you saw them put the ladder on the roof, saw the officer walking across the roof quite a few times and then you heard the shots.”

“We heard the gunshots,” Couto said. “I heard the dog howling when he went down. I just can’t believe what I was hearing … ” Read more.



File photo | Stacy (CC BY 2.0)


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