Woman, 95, Killed By Pitbull Owned By State Humane Society Director

Nov 11, 2019

Journal Inquirer, Suffield, CT – The 95-year-old Enfield woman attacked by a pit bull while visiting her friend in town last Wednesday died as a result of the attack, not from a fall during it as the owner of the dog, Annie Hornish, the state director of the Humane Society and a former state representative, believed was likely, according to police.

The attack happened as the woman, Janet D’Aleo, was visiting her longtime friend, Agnes Wosko, 93, who is Hornish’s mother, at Hornish’s home last Wednesday afternoon.

In a news release issued today, Police Chief Richard Brown said that so far the investigation has revealed D’Aleo was alive and attempting to communicate after the incident.

He also said that D’Aleo’s home health aide, who was with her during the visit to Hornish’s home, was “unable to separate the dog” from D’Aleo until Hornish arrived home.

In an interview on Friday, Hornish, who was not present when the attack began, said the home health aide started whacking the dog with a stepstool to try and stop the attack when D’Aleo was on the floor.

Hornish said she arrived at the house in time to hear the home health aide screaming. As she called 911, Hornish said D’Aleo seemed to be unconscious and unresponsive.

D’Aleo suffered “massive injuries, including flesh, muscle, and tendon loss to her extremities,” the police chief said … Read more. 


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