New Year Starts Violently with Rash of Pit Bull Attacks

(HEADLINE HEALTH) The New Year has rung in anything but glad tidings for multiple families across the nation. In the year’s first week, multiple pit bull attacks have been reported:

Police in Florida report that a pedestrian was attacked by three pit bulls that had been let out of their cage so the owner could clean it. 

FLORIDA, JAN 6: “The owners of three pit bulls in Lauderhill have been cited by police after the animals escaped through a hole in their fence Saturday night and mauled a man walking by, the second attack by dogs from that address since last October when three people were attacked.

According to Police, the dogs were inside a cage Saturday but were let out so it could be cleaned.” SUN-SENTINEL

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WASHINGTON, JAN 4: “A UPS driver who was mauled by four pit bulls while delivering a package in the Puyallup area has sued the dogs’ owners. Kevin Backlund, 59, needed more than 133 stitches for 36 wounds.” NEWS TRIBUNE

CALIFORNIA, JAN 4: “County officials mandated to look out for the well-being of animals were canvassing a Valencia neighborhood to find someone who could identity the owner of a pit bull that attacked an elderly man and his tiny dog.

‘The person has not been identified, yet,’ Don Barre, spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control, told The Signal. THE SIGNAL

MISSISSIPPI, JAN 4: “A Moss Point grandmother has been transferred out of the intensive care unit after being mauled by a pit bull Tuesday night. If it hadn’t been for the quick actions of a police officer, the situation could have been a lot worse.

The family of Barbara McCauley says she suffered extensive wounds to her arm that will require multiple reconstructive surgeries, a few of which she has already undergone. She also reportedly received multiple puncture wounds to her stomach and legs.” WLOX

Father stabs family pit bull to death as it mauls one-year-old

(DAILY MAIL) A father from Massachusetts stabbed his family’s pit bull to death after it attacked his one-year-old daughter.

A Massachusetts dad stabbed the family pit bull to death to save his one-year-old child from attack. Police said the family had owned the pit bull five years and it had ‘no known history of aggression.’

According to police, the child was playing at her family’s home on Sunday when the pit bull turned on her, causing major trauma.

The girl’s father tried to pull the dog off his daughter but couldn’t.

Police said the father retrieved a pistol from a nearby room, but realized it wasn’t loaded.

He then grabbed a knife and started stabbing the dog to save his daughter from its jaws.

The toddler was transported to the hospital by ambulance, and subsequently airlifted to a Boston area hospital by helicopter.

Relatives later revealed that the little girl had three blood transfusions and underwent an hours-long surgery to repair some of the damage. She will require addition surgeries in the coming weeks.

Police said the family had owned the pit bull five years and it had no known history of aggression.

‘At this time, the attack appears to have been unprovoked,’ police said. Read more: DAILY MAIL.

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