6 Positions to Have Sex Standing Up

Having sex standing up is a way to get out of the normal sex routine and explore the different areas of the home, living out fantasies and enjoying new pleasurable experiences.

STEP TO HEALTH – Having sex standing up is a very fun and passionate practice that is a must for many couples. It’s an excellent excuse to get out of the routine of sex in bed and let your passions loose in different parts of the house. One such example is leaning against a wall or a column.

The adrenaline that’s unleashed when having sex standing up can make the encounter a real turn-on for both of you. Why not take advantage of that rush of energy to live out this pleasurable experience?

1. Against the wall

The couple will stand facing each other and the man will help his partner to “hang” on his torso. As he carries her, she should hold on with her legs, while he gently moves her against the wall. In this way he can keep his balance and it makes it easier to initiate penetration.

Whether it’s on the main wall of the bedroom, the shower wall, or some other area of the house, many couples find this position to be very exciting. Thanks to the back-and-forth motion they create while the woman hangs in the arms of her man, they can achieve a really deep penetration in this position. An added advantage is that they can turn turns in taking the lead in the rhythm of the thrusting movements.

A variation of this position is simply to practice it without leaning against the wall or other surface.

2. The doggy style on his side

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Many couples say that the doggy style is one of their favorite positions. It’s very exciting and doesn’t require too much effort from the woman. And, of course, penetration can take place through the vagina as well as through the anus.

When it comes to controlling the rhythm, either one of you can do it. However, whoever decides to take the initiative will have total freedom to give maximum pleasure to the other. This position can also be practiced standing up. In order to do this, the man stands behind the woman, while she flexes her torso, without touching the floor with her hands. In this way, instead of being on “all fours” the girl is standing, bent forward.

3. Feet on the floor

The man stands behind the woman, so that he can penetrate her, and, at the same time, he caresses her with his hands on different parts of her body … READ MORE.


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