What’s Killing Lady Wrestlers?

USA TODAY – Funeral services for Shannon “Daffney” Spruill, the former professional wrestler, are set for Friday and her death has intensified concerns in the professional wrestling industry – especially among the women performers.

Ashley Massaro, who wrestled for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), killed herself in 2019 at the age of 39.

Hana Kimura, who emerged as a celebrity while wrestling professionally in Japan, killed herself in 2020 at the age of 22.

Then last week came Spruill. On Sept. 1, she was found dead inside her apartment in Norcross, Georgia, of an apparent gunshot wound after saying during an Instagram Live broadcast that she was going to kill herself. Spruill was 46.

Her death still is under investigation by the Gwinnett County Medical Examiner.

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“Spruill’s death has increased concerns about women wrestlers at risk.”

“I definitely think these last couple of tragedies that we’ve had in wrestling have helped create an awareness,” said Jamie Lynn Senegal, a professional wrestler who said she considered Spruill a mother figure, “and kind of bring the sisterhood that we have a little stronger and closer together to make sure everybody’s OK.”

Melissa Anderson, a professional wrestler known as Cheerleader Melissa, said she can hear the impact among women in the business.

Shannon Spruill, who went by by the ring name Daffney Unger, died at 46.

“When something like that happens, it just spikes an awareness and serious conversations start happening in all of the locker rooms,” said Anderson, who worked alongside Spruill.

“The conversations have definitely been more serious as far as being more supportive toward each other and looking out for each other.

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“We’ve made it a point to check up on each other regularly and make sure everything is OK and being there for each other.”

Cathy Corino, a professional wrestler known as Allison Danger, said she will attend Spruill’s funeral in Norcross and has helped secure rental cars and hotel rooms for the other women wrestlers who plan to be there … READ MORE. 


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Shannon Claire Spruill (July 17, 1975 – September 1, 2021) was an American professional wrestler, wrestling manager and actress better known by her ring name Daffney.

On September 1, 2021, Spruill streamed a live video through social network Instagram, in which she read a suicide note, holding what appeared to be a pistol, and requesting that her brain be donated for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) testing.[52]

Concerned fans took to social media to support Spruill and law enforcement were dispatched to previous known addresses until her family were able to provide an updated address.

Her death was announced online the following day by Shimmer wrestler Lexie Fyfe at Spruill’s family’s request. An official for the Gwinnett County, Georgia, Medical Examiner’s office also confirmed her death but did not disclose the cause. A report from the Gwinnett County Police Department indicated that she had died of an apparent gunshot wound to the chest. SOURCE. 




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