Trump’s Virus Response ‘Dangerous’: Bill Gates

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Reports yesterday indicate that Microsoft founder Bill Gates (estimated net worth, $99.5 billion) is paying $43 million to purchase a 5,800 square-foot beachfront home in Del Mar, California, a suburb of San Diego. Meanwhile Gates, one of the world’s richest men, recently issued his opinion on how Donald Trump is managing taxpayers’ money during the costly coronavirus pandemic… 

(CNN Business) President Donald Trump’s decision to withhold funding to the World Health Organization pending a review of its handling of the coronavirus pandemic is “as dangerous as it sounds,” Bill Gates said Wednesday (April 15).

“Their work is slowing the spread of Covid-19 and if that work is stopped no other organization can replace them. The world needs @WHO now more than ever,” the Microsoft founder and philanthropist said in a tweet.

The WHO declared coronavirus a public health emergency of international concern in late January and a week later, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pledged up to $100 million to help contain the outbreak.

Those funds, the foundation said, would be used to help find a vaccine for the virus, limit its spread and improve detection and treatment.

About $20 million was directed toward groups including the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and WHO.

It’s not the first time the couple has directed funds toward public health causes. In 2009, they worked to combat a tuberculosis outbreak in China and a year later committed as much as $10 billion to vaccine research.

Bill Gates, who since March cautioned about the effects of delayed social distancing measures, urged the United States to implement a country-wide shutdown, saying a state-by-state strategy wouldn’t work as effectively.

He predicted the number of coronavirus cases will peak in late April.

Trump’s decision to halt WHO funding

Trump said Tuesday a review of the WHO will cover its “role in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of coronavirus,” he said … Read more. 

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