Track Coronavirus in Your County

Track Coronavirus in Your County

PLUS: The virus would have to kill twenty times more Americans just to reach one percent of the population

Aug 20, 2020

Headline Health – The Weather Channel has published a useful tool for accessing the latest local COVID-19 data for any county in the USA.

Simply select a county on the map to track coronavirus cases, deaths, and other COVID-19 information for that location. Choose an individual tab to view Confirmed Cases, Per Capita Cases,
and Deaths. Click any county to see results not only locally but statewide.

Go here and click any region – whether it’s your home, a place you are considering visiting, or where your loved ones live  – to see local data.

The Weather Channel (TWC) notes:

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During the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, TWC is providing this data as a service to our users. TWC has compiled data provided by multiple third party sources including the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state and local agencies and other public sources as outlined below. These sources update and report data on various regular and irregular schedules, so from time to time there may be discrepancies between data reported here and data reported by individual sources. TWC makes every effort to provide the most up-to-date and accurate data available and uses quality assurance procedures to minimize and correct errors. Please send any inquiries or feedback about the data presented here to [email protected]

All information in the COVID-19 Q&A with Watson chat-bot is provided for general information purposes only. The COVID-19 Q&A with Watson chat-bot relies upon publicly and freely available content from the CDC and WHO. All sourced responses include links to the original content. Efforts are made to keep all information current, but the CDC and WHO websites contain the most accurate and up-to-date information. The inclusion of any content or information in the COVID-19 Q&A with Watson chat-bot does not constitute its endorsement or recommendation by the U.S. Government, Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the World Health Organization.

Additional information on Covid-19 cases is available from


  • Current World Population: 7,806,206,094
  • Coronavirus Cases: 22,610,749
  • Coronavirus Deaths: 791,670
  • Recovered: 15,326,490
  • Currently Infected Patients: 6,492,589
    • in Mild Condition: 6,430,870 (99%)
    • in Serious or Critical: 61,719 (1%)
  • Closed Cases:
    • Recovered / Discharged: 15,326,490 (95%)
    • Deaths: 791,670 (5%)
  • Deaths this year, all causes: 37,422,760
    • All other causes: 36,631,090 (98%)
    • Coronavirus: 791,670 (2%)
  • Coronavirus Deaths as a percent of the population: 0.01% (the virus would have to kill 100 times more people worldwide just to reach one percent of the population)


  • Current population of the United States of America: 331,266,944
  • Coronavirus Cases: 5,701,390
  • Coronavirus Deaths: 176,365
  • Recovered: 3,063,213
  • Currently Infected Patients: 2,461,812
    • in Mild Condition: 2,444,937 (99.3%)
    • in Serious or Critical: 16,875 (0.7%)
  • Closed Cases: 3,239,578
    • Recovered / Discharged: 3,063,213 (95%)
    • Deaths:176,365 (5%)
  • Coronavirus Deaths as a percent of the population: 0.05% (the virus would have to kill twenty times more Americans just to reach one percent of the population)
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Here’s a look at the 10 states with the most cases (source):

1. California: 647,363 cases

2. Florida: 584,047 cases

3. Texas: 574,633 cases

4. New York: 427,202 cases

5. Georgia: 243,982 cases

6. Illinois: 213,220 cases

7. Arizona: 195,557 cases

8. New Jersey: 188,427 cases

9. North Carolina: 147,925 cases

10. Louisiana: 139,903 cases

Here’s a look at the top 10 states with the most deaths:

1. New York: 32,865 deaths

2. New Jersey: 15,926 deaths

3. California: 11,694 deaths

4. Texas: 10,934 deaths

5. Florida: 9,932 deaths

6. Massachusetts: 8,876 deaths

7. Illinois: 8,017 deaths

8. Pennsylvania: 7,508 deaths

9. Michigan: 6,618 deaths

10. Georgia: 4,849 deaths

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