The END Of Crapped-In Produce? [Must-See Video]

Migrant farmworkers will no longer be needed … 

Did you know these machines worked like this?

Inventions take modern agriculture to a whole ‘nother level

| Headline Health – Crops picked by migrant farmworkers keep showing up year after year on food safety alerts and federal recall notices.

Romaine lettuce has been a special concern. The Caesar salad staple and popular sandwich topping has been linked to countless cases of food poisoning and e. Coli deaths.

Amazing Modern and High Level Agriculture Machines

Modern technology is aleady beginning to replace migrant workers in many harvesting operations.

Port-a-potties adjacent to fields of lettuce, broccoli, and cauliflower could become a rare sight in California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

After all, farmers lose millions of dollars when a national food safety recall is traced back to their fields.

Why not invest in modern equipment that doesn’t go on strike, need special housing, or leave ’emissions’ in the field?

One word of caution … you will not be able to stop watching.


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