Thanksgiving CANCELED; CDC Says “Stay Home”

“Over the river and through the woods, to Grandma’s house we go … ” – NOT in 2020, says CDC

| Thanksgiving traditions canceled as lockdown tightens 

PLUS: Sheriff calls Cuomo’s holiday gathering limit ‘unconstitutional’

Nov 19, 2020

CNN – The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that Americans should not travel for Thanksgiving, and has posted updated guidelines for safely celebrating the holiday.

“CDC is recommending against travel during the Thanksgiving Day period,” Dr. Henry Walke, Covid-19 incident manager for the CDC, told reporters in a conference call.

“Right now, especially as we are seeing exponential growth in cases and the opportunity to translocate disease or infection from one part of the country to another leads, to our recommendation to avoid travel at this time.”

“The reason that we made the update is that the fact that over the week we’ve seen over a million new cases in the country,” Dr. Erin Sauber-Schatz, the CDC’s lead for Community Intervention and Critical Population Task Force, said during the briefing.

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According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 250,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the United States. More than 11.5 million people have been diagnosed with the virus and the United States has set several new daily records for hospitalizations.

“What is at stake is the increased chance of one of your loved ones becoming sick and then being hospitalized and dying around the holidays,” Walke said.

People gather in multiple generations and someone in that get-together could have diabetes or kidney disease, or simply be older and more vulnerable, Walke said. Plus, 40% of infections are asymptomatic.

“One of our concerns is people over the holiday season will get together and they may actually be bringing infection with them to that small gathering and not even know it,” Walke said.

The CDC also provided more guidance about who counts as a household member.

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“We received lots of questions from the American people about college students or people that were coming home for the holidays that are family members or are a household member … ” Read more. 

New York county sheriff calls Cuomo’s holiday gathering limit ‘unconstitutional’

‘If anyone’s outside, I’m going to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving,’ Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino tells FBN

FOX Business – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has set a limit of 10 people at holiday celebrations amid a recent spike in coronavirus cases.

But Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino told FOX Business Network’s “Varney & Co.” on Thursday that he doesn’t plan on enforcing the governor’s order since he believes it’s plainly unconstitutional.

“I’m not against the governor; I’m against his executive order,” Giardino said. “I think it’s unconstitutional … If anyone’s outside, I’m going to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving and tell them to enjoy some well-deserved time with their family.”

The sheriff said he believes people in Fulton County, located in the state’s Mohawk Valley region are intelligent enough to gauge the risk and carry out their gatherings … Read more. 


“Bah, Humbug!” Fauci Wants A Word About Your Thanksgiving Plans

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