Symptoms Of A Blood Clot And How To Prevent Them

HUFF POST – Blood clots can be dangerous. Here are the signs to look out for, and what to do about it.

Most people probably don’t think about blood clots on a regular basis. But with reports of a small number of people developing blood clots after they received either the Johnson & Johnson or the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, many people are now wondering what the warning signs are.

There are several different variations of blood clots, each with its own set of red flags and options for treatment. They can form for a number of reasons, including medication, lifestyle factors and other health conditions, and they can occur in different parts of the body.

All that said, blood clots can cause severe harm or be fatal if left unaddressed. If you’re concerned ― whether it’s because of a vaccine or, more likely, something else ― read on for the signs to pay attention to, and advice on what to do if you think you’re at risk.

Symptoms Of Blood Clots

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Blood clots can originate in the veins or arteries. There are two main types of blood clots to be aware of, and each can lead to its own set of potential complications.

One type is called a thrombus, which is a stationary clot. These block blood flow in the part of the body where the clot occurs.

Another type, called an embolus, is a blood clot that can break loose. These are particularly dangerous because they can travel to other parts of the body ― like the heart or the lungs ― and cause severe damage.

The symptoms of blood clots vary depending on the type. When the clot is stationary, like deep vein thrombosis (a clot in your leg), you may experience:

– Warmth and redness where the clot is located ― typically in the leg or the arm

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– Swelling

– Pain near the site of the clot

– Numbness or weakness

– A change in your mental state … Click here to read more. 

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