Sex Addiction, Road Rage, Temper Fits – Is It A Pill They Took?

File photo: Road rage incident, YouTube

“Soon after he began the treatment, his wife began to notice a sinister transformation … “

FDA approved meds that change who we are | 

They’ve been linked to road rage, pathological gambling, and complicated acts of fraud. Some make us less neurotic, and others may even shape our social relationships. It turns out many ordinary medications don’t just affect our bodies – they affect our brains. Why? And should there be warnings on packets?

Jan 8, 2020

BBC – “Patient Five” was in his late 50s when a trip to the doctors changed his life.

He had diabetes, and he had signed up for a study to see if taking a statin – a kind of cholesterol-lowering drug – might help. So far, so normal.

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But soon after he began the treatment, his wife began to notice a sinister transformation.

A previously reasonable man, he became explosively angry and – out of nowhere – developed a tendency for road rage.

During one memorable episode, he warned his family to keep away, lest he put them in hospital.

Out of fear of what might happen, Patient Five stopped driving. Even as a passenger, his outbursts often forced his wife to abandon their journeys and turn back. Afterwards, she’d leave him alone to watch TV and calm down. She became increasingly fearful for her own safety.

Then one day, Patient Five had an epiphany. “He was like, ‘Wow, it really seems that these problems started when I enrolled in this study’,” says Beatrice Golomb, who leads a research group at the University of California, San Diego.

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Alarmed, the couple turned to the study’s organisers. “They were very hostile. They said that the two couldn’t possibly be related, that he needed to keep taking the medication, and that he should stay in the study,” says Golomb.

Ironically, by this point the patient was so cantankerous that he flatly ignored the doctors’ advice.

“He swore roundly, stormed out of the office and stopped taking the drug immediately,” she says. Two weeks later, he had his personality back … Read more. 


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