ALERT: Commonly Prescribed Rx Cause Brain Shrinkage

Yet many doctors still pass them out like candy  … 

(Dr. Randy Hansbrough, USA TODAY NETWORK)

Research has shown that commonly prescribed medications for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol cause shrinkage, confirmed by MRI.

A retired NASA astronaut has shared the tragic story of his sharing his rapid mental decline after taking a widely used heart drug. Photo by James P. Mann, CC

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Studies have also shown a deterioration in IQ and overall brain function within five years for those on these Rx drugs.

Statin medications are known to cause liver toxicity, which inhibits its ability to convert cholesterol into a form that protects and repairs brain tissue, by renewing worn out membranes and staving off Alzheimer’s, crucial for us all.

Former astronaut, flight surgeon and family doctor Duane Graveline, MD, wrote a book entitled, “Lipitor: Thief of Memory,” sharing his rapid mental decline after taking the statin.

Calcium channel blockers are commonly given for high blood pressure, and are linked to brain shrinkage as well. READ THE FULL STORY AT TCPALM.COM.