Pot Smokers ‘Remember’ Things That Never Even Happened

Cannabis use consistently leads to increase in susceptibility to false memories, study says 

Feb 11, 2020

Medical Xpress – An international research team has found evidence showing that the use of cannabis consistently leads to an increase in susceptibility to false memories.

Prior research has shown that smoking cannabis can lead to memory loss or distortion.

In this new effort, researchers wanted to know if THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, can also lead to an increase in susceptibility to false or implanted memories.

To find out, researchers enlisted the assistance of 64 people who self-described as occasional users of cannabis.

Each was given a dose of the drug (except those in a control group) and were then given memory tests. One of the memory tests involved reading and reciting a list of words.

After analyzing the results of the tests, the researchers claimed that their study showed smoking THC very clearly increased the subjects’ susceptibility to forming false memories based on false information provided to them during a memory testing process.

They suggest that their findings be taken into consideration by law enforcement when interviewing witnesses to a crime …

[More importantly, their findings should probably be taken into consideration by individuals considering using/abusing mind-altering drugs. – Ed.]  ––– READ MORE.


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